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Poetry inspired by the journey


I sent this love letter to President Obama today. I have no desire to watch news, I know he is a peacemaker from the moment I saw him. His hero is Gandhi, as mine is. Various media, corporate and individual interests will attempt to dereail a person dedicated to peace as they can only see their interests not the greater whole. They are also in fear not love. However, at this time we need change and as he put it 'hope', as the world will not sustain the current system. I would like to add that it is not he that changes the world it is you.

From my perspective, love is the answer, the question and the path. Love is not cotton wool it is the essence that inspires the greatness in you. You are far greater than you know. So this is a love letter to you too. Continue reading


Excerpt from poem:

What is real is termed reality,
What is unreal is felt as reality beyond what is seen,
For what we see in the moment is what it is,
Yet as we inquire into what is real or true,
The invisible spectrum asks:
What if we do not know that we do not know?
As seeking for what is real seeks validation of a foundation,
A solid ground from which to view life,
Yet is the ground a solid state?

Science approaches zero point from perspectives,
Einstein’s theory geometric structure of space-time,
Transmuting solid states into free flowing energy,
A metaphoric alchemy of base metals into gold. Continue reading

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

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Clowning around the world for peace