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14 Dec Moving to New Blog

This is the last post on this blog as the World trip is completed. What I can say is that I was overjoyed on returning to Australia as I felt this very strong sense of success. I had sought to travel the world and spread peace and joy. I had a very strong feeling that there is nothing to fear in travelling as I feel the world as my home. I practiced peace and a sense of family wherever I went. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

So what have I learned folks. I have learned that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. I believe in not allowing fear to dictate choices. I also have a very strong sense of trust of people. I never met anyone I didn’t trust, even my last host, whilst I felt he didn’t share my sense of universal love, I did trust. The trust is about knowing you are in the right place at the right time. It is in learning from experience and regretting nothing. It is to walk the talk. If you think peace is possible you have to demonstrate that by practicing peace, not to be seen to be but to actually practice monitoring your thoughts, practicing checking in on whether you are in judgement of people, cultures, customs or circumstances. I learned to accept and to appreciate all that was given to me.

I particularly feel a deep gratitude for all the people in the couch surfing who hosted me. This network is a peace network. It promotes openness, generosity and trust. It is about developing a deeper understanding of people by living in their homes, eating their food, sharing stories and growing from being exposed to different belief systems. It is the best way to learn about the world. Rather than staying in a hotel and being a tourist, this process is truly being part of the society you are visiting.

I found that all the cultures I visited had positive dispositions about westerners, as a woman I was treated with great respect and as an Australian I found a general liking of Australian’s, some people were excited to know I was from here.

There were times I really trusted like in Egypt, I ended up at a train station and had no idea how to get to the Giza Pyramid. A guy came up to me and said he would show me. I watched him closely he took me for a tea and paid for it. He did take me to the camels. Now I am sure he worked for the camel guy, but he wanted me to come to his home. I was uncertain but I did feel a sense of trust. He took me back to my bus and off I went to my host. He was honest and above board. I trusted this guy and my gut feeling was right. Even though he was in league with the camel owner, we actually did connect and I felt a friendship. He made my day. I have had random strangers help me carry my bags, direct me, walk me to where I needed to go well out of their way. Even a really lovely Muslim girl in Alexandra, paid for my bus fare as I didn’t have money on me, she escorted me to the public library where I had to visit a Peace Centre. She did this out of kindness and I was told Egyptians will do that for you. In India I stayed at a Universal Peace centre, by sheer chance I found this place. The grandfather and I became friends. They allowed me to use their office to do emails, they made sure I had plenty of food and were so helpful with finding my way around. Such kindness with no expectation of return. This is the world of peace that is in my dreams and I feel it is our true nature.

I am starting a new blog on this website called Peace is Our True Nature, I am going to explore this topic in more depth as I develop new ideas and ways of finding the real nature of human beings and developing a way of life that is in harmony with the natural systems. I am going to explore many topics that lead us to peace that is sustainable not just lip service or temporary agreements, but real peace that brings happiness into our lives.

So thank you for reading. Feel free to comment on my perspectives, that helps me to be challenged. When I designed a non adversarial childrens parliament I coined a term ICE, which was to melt the ICE of confusion. ICE is an acronym for Inspire, Challenge and Empower, I am happy to be challenged as this helps me improve my thinking. If I make typos tell me so I become better at editing. If you feel to, otherwise just read if you are seeking to be stimulated with different thinking. I am sharing my thoughts and life in the new spirit of openness which I feel is essential in the new paradigm that is coming. Total visibility and authenticity is what enables us to see what is and from there develop new ways that are in alignment with truth, love and joy, this indeed is our true nature. Many are still seeking their truth but you can only find that when you are open to challenge, open to new ideas and open to be wrong, this is how we grow and learn.

If you leave this blog, thank you for reading and it is my hope you gained something positive from this. There are people in the world that are genuine and there is definitely hope for a world that is exciting, expanding and peaceful.

best wishes,

Susan Carew

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

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