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Clowning my way around the world


This site has been set up to document my journey around the world as a peace clown/educator.


On this site you will find My Journal documenting every stage of my journey, a photographic diary in the Photo Gallery, and you will also find a Video Gallery which will also contain a record of the adventure.


I will be setting out from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia in June 2010 and expect to have much to report on, in the ensuing months.


Poetry: A Peace-full Philosophical Anthology,  By Susan Carew (AKA Peacefull)
Peacefull Poetry.pdf  1.02MB


Well I am back home in Australia now
 and I have added the final map below to let you know where I consider home to be, now that I have been around the world and interacted with the many beautiful people I met along the way.
A big thank you to all my new friends for making the journey such a pleasant and memorable experience. I also thank Bob for making this blog possible, without him I would not be able to communicate this incredible journey.




Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

Random video from the Gallery

Our nature is the path of wisdom