The Adventures of Peacefull


Know Knott

This is for those who know not what they do,
Yet they think they know,
For it they did,
They would not.

The white dove comes to you,
And gently lands on your shoulder,
For to look back over your shoulder,
Is to simply think again.

The heart that breaks,
Is a lost love,
For when love is lost,
One walks with the ridicule of mistakes,
One’s self worth deflates when not respected,
The diminishing shine of unconditional acceptance fades hope,
And the winds of time are weather beaten,
Lines of concern etched into an aging face,
For one can be beaten by words,
One can be isolated by what is not said,
One can carry burdens of guilt for a lifetime,
For another couldn’t find the word for sorry,
Or acknowledge a sorrow,
Or make the time for understanding,
The multicoloured coat covers many layers,
For defence mechanisms are for protection not truth,
For to be right and untangled is a false freedom,
And psychological dancing to buoy ones own worth is often at the expense of another.

I have sat with dishonesty in truth,
I have visited rejection without abandon,
I have embraced isolation,
I have given to selfishness,
Yet who will sit with me in the fire of real reasons?
Who will face their own truth in nakedness?
For we come into life with nothing,
We leave life with nothing,
Yet within this is potential,
We can become anything we choose,
And we are choosing all the time to be,
Yet I ask what will truly be in this life?
One who seeks justice and lives it,
Or one that moves from what is uncomfortable to fulfill pleasures of false peace,

Yet this discomfort is always a sign,
That you are not in harmony,
It is seldom about the other,
Yet very few take responsibility and look into their own dischord,
Better to be busy,
Better to be distracted,
For the hardest work is personal,
Yet this is the work of the universal,
For when one makes a change within,
The whole world changes,
As you change,
What you see changes,
This is the see change referred to,
For to change the angle of the sails,
Perpendicular to the angle,
Is to allow one to be taken in another direction,
At this point we see the world is not flat,
For the ocean opens up to possibilities never dreamed of.

I write this not to be unkind,
For I know what I do,
I am seeking the potential of real change,
And the books I am reading describe many stories,
But there is no philosophy in the content,
One may describe facts to paint a picture,
For this is post-modernism,
Yet surrealism takes one deeper into questioning what is real and what is not,
The reef knot does not secure the fixture,
Battening down the hatches does not protect the sinking ship,
It is to redesign the ship to enable it to float under all conditions,
And to find the value is not the treasure but the journey of discovery,
For your buried treasure is the unpolished diamond uncut.

For the adventurer is shining on possibilities,
Another stone is found and turned,
And under this is the spice of life,
For the pirate is always lost at sea,
The explorer finds a new country to land,
For curiosity leads to the edge,
To step over is liberation from limitations,
And this is the meaning of life.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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