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POEM: Universal Values

I was going to post my Kashmir poem but when my computer crashed I think it went. Anyway, I ended up looking for another poem that I felt was fitting to the last blog and touches on some of the points I raised. I find poetry takes me closer to truth then writing from the rational mind. The poetry comes from the heart from which truth arises I feel. This is called Universal Values.


Nuclear futures,
Is a fission of ideas,
In the confusion,
They are split,
The world is divided,
Within itself.


Armageddon is a place we don’t want to visit,
It is not the place we call home,
It is a place we have never been,
It seduces simple minds,
That focus on the evil in good,
Yet the opposite of evil is to live,
For the path of goodness,
Is life itself,
It is the holy grail,
It is my heart on my sleeve,
For I am revealing who I am.


History repeats itself,
For we haven’t learned the lesson,
We call it forth to experience again,
Until we see the reflection,
That what we resist,


For it is within ourselves,
That the answer lies dormant,
Awaiting the question
That will serve us,
For there is no service in masters,
Who see only servants,
For they are dominating,
Perpetuating myths of powerlessness,
In order to justify power,
So how do we invert this paradigm?
So that weapons become inert,
We must dissolve the need,
But from which seed does this sprout?
The fear of power?
Or our own greatness?
Lies in the shadow of great fears,
For if we step up to the podium,
We will be shot down,
By a hail of bullets.


Tearing down our shaky self image,
Character assassination is the hang mans noose,
For we didn’t guess the words of liberation, empowerment, forgiveness and love,
For it is the dove that moves to the next stage,
For masters of the illusion,
Do not know the true mastery of virtue.


It is time for a paradigm shift,
To step from the continental shelf,
And into the game where everyone wins,
For it is the common people
who are not common,
To re-member that they are power,
People power is not a myth,
It is the gift of those who challenge the king,
For his clothes are invisible,
He stands naked,
For he is naked before truth,
That listens to the mirror,
And sees evil in the reflection,
Yet he is truly afraid to live,
For the forest of his potential,
Becomes the dust of the ranch,
That has no range,
It is just target practice,
For he misses the mark,
And shoots himself in the foot


Is to find power within,
It is to be still,
To make some room
For illumination to reveal the gaps,
The needs uncovered,
That must be filled or healed,
For to fix the problem places strong will over allowance,
For there is change in the game,
The moves are afoot,
For love is in pieces,
It is the peace that checks its mate,
Following the heart of the question,
Feeling the state of the heart,
Which is broken by beliefs,
It is stoked by caliphs,
It must return to its natural state.


For real hope is of value,
Working the inside out,
For males are out sourcing,
Outpicturing their confusion,
A projection of inner turmoil,
Pollutes the soil,
Muddies the waters,
Bravado is bluff,
For the brave are never tough,
Nuclear stuff blows on trade winds,
That trades life for profits,
For they don’t comprehend,
The end of their blight,
For the new beginning will only prophet,
When we have universal values,

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”

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