The Adventures of Peacefull


This is for the scientists…. perhaps only love is real.

What is REAL?

Is it Responsibility?
Is it Empathy?
Is it Awareness?
Is it Love?

For he is seeking a solid state,
For what he can feel, touch and see is real,
Life is tangible in his conscious reality.

She is seeking a feeling state,
For she is intuitive, feeling, inspirational in her consciousness for what is un-real,
Life is intangible in her reality.

Duality in-forms positive and negative dynamics,
The yin and yang, (dark/light elements, tension)
The anima and animus, (unconscious feminine [male], unconscious masculine [female] integration)
The alpha and the omega, (beginning/ending circular)
Are opposites, continuums and yet compliments,
In the endless state of oneness.

What is real is termed reality,
What is unreal is felt as reality beyond what is seen,
For what we see in the moment is what it is,
Yet as we inquire into what is real or true,
The invisible spectrum asks:
What if we do not know that we do not know?
As seeking for what is real seeks validation of a foundation,
A solid ground from which to view life,
Yet is the ground a solid state?

Science approaches zero point from perspectives,
Einstein’s theory a geometric structure of space-time,
Transmuting solid states into free flowing energy,
A metaphoric alchemy of base metals into gold,
E=mc2 mass by the square of the speed of light releases vibrating energy as wave forms,
Energy transfers as a thermodynamic is the law,
Wave forms of light formulating geometric harmonies of resonance,
Channelling light electricity electromagnetism,
Gravitating to magnetic lines of looping vortexes (spirals) as physicality,
Is this spirituality?>
Symbolised as an Ouroboros snake of Egyptian hieroglyphics,
I ask: what is true? what is fact? what is fiction?
Is there flow then friction?
Is it a solid state or a predilection hologram?
Perhaps both a prediction of the solid state?

Matter vibrates through a positive state,
Generating the visible spectrum of physics,
As theory emerges out of physical laws,
What is real is measured by what is seen,
What is possible or impossible fragmented by agreed fact,
Forming boundary lines of enquiry,
Delineating physical limits to knowledge why?,
Yet what we don’t see doesn’t matter in our reality,
Or does it?

Anti-matter vibrates through negative states,
Yet with license anti-matter is what is not seen,
A mirror image of opposites yet compliments,
Analogous in form to the film projector,
Film strip frames pulsing to view what matters,
Division between one frame and the next is pulsing anti-matter,
Past and future are either side of the film strips,
Yet viewed through the mind’s projector,
We see the characters not the script,
For consciousness is the projector,
To be conscious is looking at what is projected,
Yet both appear real in reality.

Therefore: awareness adjusts to the reality of what appears real,
Empathy is to imagine the other point of view,
Responsibility is the ability to respond to reality,
And love is the truth that seeks to return to the original thought form of unity as oneness.

For the world is a mirror image and we are the projector,
Projection is the inner world imposed over and into reality,
Yet seeing to look at what is
meets clarity,
To know one does not know is wisdom,
and yes sanity,
As the Ouroboros spirals as a continuous circle,
As the masculine and feminine find balance,
For geometric harmonies are resonances revealing the real life that matters,
As one feels for truth as knowing not fact,
As breathing is to life force,
As sleeping is to awakening,
As perpetual states of electromagnetic e-motions,
harmonizing opposites to equilibrium zero points,
A harmonic convergence that returns to peace,
And these are the keys to loving reality as it is.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

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