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I sent this love letter to President Obama today. I have no desire to watch news, I know he is a peacemaker from the moment I saw him. His hero is Gandhi, as mine is. Various media, corporate and individual interests will attempt to derail a person dedicated to peace as they can only see their interests not the greater whole. They are also in fear not love. However, at this time we need change and as he put it ‘hope’, as the world will not sustain the current system. I would like to add that it is not he that changes the world it is you.

From my perspective, love is the answer, the question and the path. Love is not cotton wool it is the essence that inspires the greatness in you. You are far greater than you know. So this is a love letter to you too.


Every communication is a love letter,
Every word is an open invitation,
To greet life with openness,
To accept diversity in its full spectrum,
To allow differences of opinion to expand awareness,
As a garden resplendent with seasonal blooms,
Our nature understands the plumes of life’s bouquet are secret signatures sending messages of love,
Fertilizing our inner growth with wellbeing,
As the earth spins and orbits,
A universal love that is a given.

Harmony is the love that serves all others,
Beauty is the inner love that sees your uniqueness of expression,
Friendship is the love of trust that leaves deep impressions,
Family are the branches of love from the tree of life,
Compassion is the love that sees myself as you,
Charity is the love that gives you a hand up so you may stand up,
Nonviolence is the love that never harms another,
Peace is the love that allows the invisible hand of creation,
For peace rests beneath our conflicted thoughts,
And universal love is unity that knows no separation in thought, word or deed,
As true love is the truth that sets you free.

World peace is a peace-full world that is loving what is,
Emerging from the ashes of misunderstanding,
Walking in harmony with our true nature,
Offering blessings to all crossing the path,
Orchestras of perfection singing love songs,
Allowing love to find its natural well-spring,
As well-being springs from underground waters of feeling,
Inspired by the source of love itself,
Loving itself naturally,
As the pond of life’s reflection,
Smiles upon the face of all creation,
Sending love letters home to our friends, family, strangers, comm-unity and world,
That home is where the heart is,
And everyone is welcome home,
To a world that loves without condition.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”

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