The Adventures of Peacefull


A Thousand Names For Joy

When you hurt me
You hurt yourself

When I hurt you
I hurt myself

The world is at war
Through imagined dilemmas

One side is right
The other wrong
Yet neither has questioned the truth
of their own thoughts
Believing what they are taught
In favour of learning what they know

Yet there is no right and wrong
Just reality asserting ‘what is’
Whether it is liked or not

To know the difference of what hurts
And what does not
Is the beginning of profound wisdom

1,000 poems of uncertainty lead me to the door
1,000 questions sought the key
Yet only one answer will open the door
To question my answer
Answers my question
And this is the truth that sets me free

I am the love I seek
I am acceptance
I am openness
I am respect
And with that
I am truly happy

And when we see to look
The world book opens to my own story

For what I see in you
Is myself
And what you see in me
Is yourself

For we project onto the screen of our beliefs
Yet with minds closed
To the truth

For there is no problem
There is no conflict
There is only peace
That waits our welcome

A journey of a thousand lies
Becomes a thousand names for joy
As you seek you will find
Knock and it will be opened unto you
Ask and it will be given
For life is an inquiry within
All responsibility begins with me
It is the love that sets me free
To love unconditionally
All humanity

And that is why we teach
What we are here to learn
To find true love
Is a given
And what is given by grace
Appears as the miracle
Of your life.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”

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Our nature is the path of wisdom