The Adventures of Peacefull


Living For Your Moment

My laughing eyes are smiling,
As I see the cosmic joke,
Holding on to past conflicts,
Becomes the shadow that follows us all,
Why not give all in one unguarded moment,
For if love gives the real meaning to our lives,
If those we love and what we love are the last thoughts we think,
Then why waste anytime in grudges,
Why close any doors,
For if we live out in the open without agenda,
Then we welcome the world the way it turns up,
Celebrating life as the gift of a moment
That will never return again.

Why has fear become our government?
The dictator that holds us back,
When opportunities are missed they can never be kissed,
Why not seize the moment as it comes,
Act before you think,
Feel before you realise,
And suddenly a worldview of innocence emerges from under the shell of misunderstandings,
Love is always waiting for your smile.

I watch the nature unfold its bouquet before my eyes,
A silent whisper of peaceful recycling blowing in the breeze of acceptance,
Just existing at is was meant to be,
Gum leaves, pine needles, grasses, ponds and stringy barks paintings of life,
Filtering air currents, securing soil, enriching nature in cacophony of harmony,
An unending serene backdrop to the screened dramas projecting dis-ease.

Why is it we feel peace in nature?
It is a thoughtless place a meditation on life,
That welcomes all into the forest of contemplation,
In nature we reflect on each other, our lives and the future,
How many just sit under the tree and live for the moment?
Perhaps that was Newton’s moment as the apple fell from the tree,
Gravitation is not a probability theorem it just is as nature intended,
Existing within a solar system within a cosmos of unending starscapes.

We live outside of nature,
We are in a hurry to get to work,
We think the world ends without us,
We strive to be something to prove we have not failed,
For we must survive and provide,
Yet nature provides all its bounty for free,
We have cost accounted freedom,
And paid a price,
The lost golden moment of now,
Becomes planning as fear in action,
For we must make a difference,
For money makes a difference,
Yet what if we just relaxed and accepted
We are part of the universe,
We will come and go as the apples fall,
Why not work in harmony for a higher cause,
The peace that is already present in front of our eyes right now,
For wisdom is the ancient tree,
And if you watch them long enough you will feel the ancient branch of the tree of life touch your stillness,
That is simply being true with nature,
Finding the stillness is alive and vibrant,
A contented smile alights your face,
There is no desire to move from under the tree of your life for it is truly beautiful,
As you close your eyes the material world disappears from view,
And peace becomes the backdrop when all thoughts are dropped,
And that is the apple that has fallen on me,
To see conflict swims upstream,
Love flows with its true nature,
And your life is a precious gift,
That can never fail.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”

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