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24 Nov Life in Santiago, Chile

Today is Wednesday, on Monday I moved from Jorges place. I am staying at Jonathan’s place, he is in couch surfing as well. He lives on the same street as Jorge. I met Jonathan at the photo shoot with Valaria the lady I stayed with when I first arrived here. Jonathan is an interesting guy, I really love his flat. Lots of interesting touches and you can see creativity in the furniture. Even the fridge is covered in orange and brown circles, reminds me of 1960’s. Very artistic. Jonathan has a boyfriend and chose to stay at his partner’s place and allow me to stay here, which was very generous of him. He said it is very quiet here. He was right, it has been really nice and quite.

My first night I didn’t sleep, I felt inspired to write a poem at 2.30am and finished it at 4am. As with most of my poems it is about our shared humanity. I feel this deeply and my work in peace is about remembering our unity. It is learning to drop judgement, accept life as it turns up and actually become the clown in life for real.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I heard the drill, I had to shake my head as they started boring into the walls. At 10 am this morning the drill went off and got more excited as time went on. I was exhausted asI awoke around 6am with coughing fit. This feels like the cold from the twilight zone, no end to it. I find myself coughing all the time, a month has passed still sounding like a dog barking. Oh well what can I do, just have to eat healthy and try and sleep. My solution to the construction site on the other side of the wall is my ipod. So I have cranked it up and where there are pauses in the music i have the music of the drill.

Maybe this just forces me to get out of the flat. It will work. I am planning to get out for the day. I have been only going out for a few hours each day as this cold makes me so tired. So clowning is still out although I’d love to clown here. I will at some point. Can’t go on forever, can it?

So today I will get out and about, will be interesting to see how the drilling changed my life today. The mind set of peace is one of curiosity, no point banging on the wall. I have to learn to see life as not separate but interconnected. So it is part of my draining. I laugh as I feel the vibrations and the feeling I am in the middle of a building site. Oh well, the cold won’t kill me. The bags under my eyes look attractive, of well.

Talk to you soon. Remember happiness is embracing life as it turns up. I say that with a smile, for how long, I don’t know. I will try and see the funny side.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

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