The Adventures of Peacefull

Poem: TIME WAITS FOR NO FOOL, Dedicated to Gandhi


In the midst of great confusion,
The truth lies dormant
Awaiting discovery,
Only explorers find
What they are looking for.

Seek and you will find,
Is whispered to those that listen,
For I am seeking another way,
I am looking for the higher path,
That gives me room to have a view.

For where I live there are no windows,
There are no panes,
For I am free to look upon the world,
Without barriers obscuring my vision,
I live in a school without walls,
In a world without division,
In a house
At home,
Wherever I go.

I have climbed the highest mountains,
I have peaked,
And seen the mustard seed is real,
For the mountain to be moved,
Is erroneous belief,
I became lost in the forest,
But now I see the wood for the trees,
And I am pleased to be in the clearing,
I am cleared from the past.

My words go unheeded,
My ideas unseeded,
For what I give cannot be measured,
I am a kernel,
Without an army,
I am a leader without followers,
I am walking alone,
Yet I am never alone,
For truth gives a freedom that is unbounded by time,
Does not require words in kind,
For it is never about the other,

It is to live as an example,
To know there is ample,
To share,
To be fair,
And above all,
To care.

I found Gandhi’s statue,
I was drawn from the start,
I entered the garden,
Overwhelmed by tears,
Inspiration removes traces of fear,
For I have found great truth,
And I have no need to travel,
When the journey is within.

I have met with courage,
And not run away,
I have met with faith,
And lived in the dark,
I have met with humility,
And stayed below,
I have met with truth,
And faced it in time,
All crossroads on the same path,
Yet they have come in different guises,
For I can see through the many masks,
For only clowns look with love,
Live without condition,
Play the fool,
For the town crier has a message,
That is simple and straight,
For time waits for no fool,
When you practice the tools,
of world peace.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”

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