The Adventures of Peacefull

27-28 June, Bangkok

Walking in Bangkok I feel a peace of returning to familiar smells, traffic, the rush of traffic, tuk tuk’s that appears unchanged in two years.  I look into the eyes of the people and am aware I appear as a westerner.  My friend tells me I dress differently and she is noticing people looking at me.  We go into the familiar food markets where you buy a ticket for a 100 baht and buy a dinner, I can’t read the signs but remember to say puk puk (vegetarian).  I smile into many faces as I feel such a sense of a common humanity.  Being a clown creates an instant bridge in my heart over the constant traffic of thoughts that may divide us.  In my eyes I reach out giving value as that is what is see all around me.  A man is begging, lying on the footpath with his hand up looking dirty, yet I see his eyes.  I stop to find change as I wish to honour him by stopping.  I look into his eyes and smile, yet my smile is there before I give.  I smile at many people and am at the point where I no longer require a smile back. 

 My friend and I go to ITCity a huge 5-6 story computer centre with every electronic good you can imagine.  Young men working on computers and all competing for business.    I long for a walk in nature but there are a few things I need to buy like batteries for my water sterilizer, ear plugs for my ipod and to unlock my mobile so I can use local sim cards.  I find myself clowning around with my friend mimicking her on the mobile and others start smiling.  I look at flip charts of movies and engage staff about what they think.  One film is on aliens, I ask ‘do you believe in them’ the guy shakes his head ‘no’, I said my friend saw one in Australia, they look up smiling saying ‘really’.  I am curious to find out what they think where they are at.  I see a lady in the toilet who is the attendant I went in there and tried to catch her eye to smile, but she avoided it.  She looked very unhappy, life is not so easy for some people.  We all grapple with finding our happiness.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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Our nature is the path of wisdom