The Adventures of Peacefull

24-25 June, Flying to Thailand

On coming through customs I ended up having a great chat with the customs official who was interested in my journey, he would love to travel but was doing renovations.  He said in a few years he would.  I told him of my interest in sacred sites and the conversation became excited.  I gave him my website and said I will have blogs up there.  He can follow the trip.  I noted his friendliness and how wonderful to connect on my way out.  My plane trip out of Sydney was on a large boeing didn’t look at the specifications of the plane, but it was 3 aisles and very comfortable.  My trip was pleasant, I sat next to a hydraulics engineer living in Queensland who was off to Thailand for the first time and then onto England. He was a nice person and we had a chat about life.  I found myself very tired on the trip and didn’t sleep on the plane.  I watched Titanic reflecting on the courage of facing one’s demise and never knowing what the outcome will be.  The titanic sunk because of one influential man’s desire to gain media attention on arriving at New York.  The captain had 26 years experience and decided to go with fame rather than steady as she goes.  Titanic hit an iceberg and the unsinkable ship sank.  Little bit like the earth’s current situation, people play it as business as usual even though ice bergs are floating past Tasmania, we seem to just notice it but no radical change for the next generation.  This psychology I find fascinating and I am curious to see what we will do as a species.

I noted as I left Australian jurisdiction and looked at the world map I saw my home as the world.  I have no fixed address but yet feel comfortable as a universal traveler.  I have my jester vest on and hat and feel myself in a new journey.  I sat in a place close to the wing with plenty of leg room.  I noticed little screens could be pulled up and you had a selection of movies, music, radio and other entertainments to keep you occupied during the flight, all for free.  It was nice to get food I didn’t have to pay for.  I was asked by a flight attendant to fill our a survey.  I did the market research criteria commenting on temperature, lighting, service, comfort, entertainment etc.  I noted on the aircraft the first class section and that I felt uncomfortable that those with money could pay for greater comfort and gain special attention, I indicated I was interested in equality and felt we should experience the same. I then added about the issue of the airline industry and its use of fuels that destroy the atmosphere and add to global warming.  I suggested airlines will need to find sustainable ways to move airplanes and the throw away package are expedient but not sustainable.  The new world will have to lead by example.  After I handed the survey in a few flight attendants made a point to thank me for my comments.

I landed in Thailand and I felt happy to be here. Myself and a few others moved through customs.  I was expecting to be met by Gong a friend of my thai friend Cherry, but I couldn’t see him.  I caught a taxi from departures (apparently cheaper as they drop off) and he took me to devene’s place, we had a little trouble finding it but in the end got there.  The reception said he didn’t know her, so I used his mobile and rang her.  She was indeed a tenant and then he remembered her.  She ran for me grabbed me hugging me and called me her best friend.  She was so happy, it was so lovely to see her.  I came into her flat a nice one bedroom unit (bed sitter really) but she had this space paid for by the church as she awaits refugee status.  We talked about her situation and she told me how she was going to church many nights praying all night, she had become deeply spiritual but with an open mind.  Help was around her to my relief, as I was worried, she had no income and no protection. Yet I did remind her she came out of Africa, was close to being killed there and a childhood family friend whom she didn’t know, he  helped her leave through the backdoor.  It was quite an adventure but left her chilled at the prospect of what if she hadn’t being saved.  All she wanted was to teach youth (opposition militia) to communicate and find pathways to peace, a very honourable attempt and full of courage.  This was misinterpreted by authorities that she was siding with the opposition, in truth she was neutral and wanting to create peace in her country for her own children.  She paid a high price for standing up for peace as her driver was killed and her mother and children narrowly escaped.  She never saw them again and is now awaiting her fate.  She is a very strong woman and spiritually I feel looked after.  She will find her feet.  She said this time alone has been very important for her spiritual growth, she said she had learned a lot about herself and she no longer cries every night.  I feel this is a healing time for her.  I introduced her to the Byron Katie work which explores negative thoughts and what is termed turnarounds, the work will help her to inquire into anything that takes away peace and help her to heal the past.  She is very interested as The Work helps you to accept you are where you are meant to be, all is good.  That brings her some peace and acceptance.   I also gave her some money thanks to British Airways compensating me for the delay leaving Sydney, so I felt good to be able to do that.  She is sleeping right now, very peacefully.

 I had a great sleep over 28 hours.  I really needed that.  I think from this point on I shall slowly start to relax and see where life takes me.  I am where I am meant to be.  There is nowhere I need to go and nothing I need to be.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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