The Adventures of Peacefull


I am having a conflict with an academic where I was stonewalled and he also showed interest at the same time. I have pulled in the university to assist with resolution to find I am faced with more judgement and intractible attitudes that only understand notions of right and wrong. The issue of a person suffering or our shared humanity is irrelevant it seems. I wrote much and shared much of my poetry but don´t feel heard at all. I find there are stark differences between men and women (not all men and women). I perceive men tend to see issues in black and white (right/wrong), they look for evidence to find on one side or the other. Women are more relationship oriented, we seek to heal the problem, we seek to talk as a means of understanding the problem and we have distinct abilities to assess emotional wellbeing. This I understand clearly, I did a study for a Government Council on Women´s Issues and I found the thinking processes of men and women were totally different. So when I am faced with trying to convey my creativity, poetry and humanist approach with men, it doesn´t reach them, they don´t process in that way and it appears a blindspot to me. I don´t even think they can feel it or empathise. So I am left with one answer, to find my own way out. I always knew this but have felt inspired to communicate truth and love. I really don´t care if people don´t get it, it is my way and I feel moved to do it. Sometimes you have to go it alone in life and you are undoubtedly going to be judged, tried by inflexible attitudes that only understand structures. I try to teach discernment which is about simple seeing and impartiality, but that is not understood when people are used to judgements and opinions. There is no grey area it appears. Anyway, this poem reflects the answer for me. At the end of the day you have to laugh.




My dream of peace,
Is an open inquiry,
For I see real hope in honesty,
I see real joy in openness,
I see reality,
In simply accepting life in all its colours.

I have had strong views about kindness,
High expectations of deserving response,
Working out conflict through dialogue,
Yet for some walking away in silence was the response,
I was not seeking.

I am learning to allow life,
I am trying to be kinder to life,
I am choosing to live the greater life,
For my love traverses every nation state,
My intention is to be the change I seek,
To live the kindness I so deeply desire,
To face my conflicts with courage and compassion,
For each person does their best,
Given their view of life,
For few review their life before they die.


My new journey begins,
A journey of a thousand miles,
I feel the fool for I am stepping off the cliff without reason,
With no security,
No place,
No certainty,
An open space awaiting new ways,
For I am open to change,
Embracing of diversity within unity,
And available to give service,
For service above self,
Is my only desti-nation.


I am grateful for each person I met,
Some were wonderful inspirations,
And dearly understanding friends,
Others were challenging or silent,
Some judged my words or misinterpreted my actions,
But I see clearly I am not in control of the opinions of others,
I simply wish to drop my story,
For only lies divide us when in control,
And I am returning home to start again,
To learn from all my teachers and let go of the past,
To give more than I have dreamed possible,
For to me the impossible is possible,
For who is wealthy or poor?
As the Standard and Poor indexes credit ratings,
To be rated credit worthy is a quality of life of inherent value that cannot be quantified only realised,
As quantum theory finds chaos as order,
Yet our hierarchical order is in chaos,
As leaders follow,
And we follow those on the lead,
Yet the future lives in what we don’t know,
And this is the show and tell that leads to an open space initiative,
That will change the world.


The initiative of open space gives gifts without reservation,
For when love is genuine,
This is the space that sees your true beauty,
For truthfulness to be openness,
This space is standing transparent before you,
And joy as endless happiness,
For this space realises the fool,
For as we move from the sublime to the ridiculous,
We find seriousness has no space for fools,
Yet in humour we no longer waste time trying to explain,
For this is the pain that leaves us wanting,
And we do not have to wait anymore,
For life is calling to live truth with joy,
And laugh at what we don’t know,
For we do not need to know anymore,
As we are making space for peace,
This is peace making,
As the meaning of life,
Made manifest.


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

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