The Adventures of Peacefull

Poem: Be Cause


Always remember you are unique,

Always remember what you truly seek,

Always strive to reach your peak,

Mount Everest was never scaled in a day.

No one is greater than you,

No one is less than you,

Strive for wealth in order to give it away,

Strive for happiness in order to make another happy,

Strive to be kind so that another may heal,

Strive to speak the truth,

So another can be clear,

For what we give to another returns immediately to the self,

Have you never smiled to yourself when you felt good?

For to be good is to smile at yourself.

You may become stressed at times,

Know this is just fear,

Know that no-one does anything to another,

We choose to experience that we have no choice,

But everyone is choosing what they believe,

And believing what they choose,

Everyone chooses to give their power away,

Everyone chooses to believe they are dependent,

Yet in truth we are choosing,

Our reality.

The world is not happenstance,

It is the myriad of decisions,

Each in single file,

For we are repeating the same mistakes,

With abandon,

We are leaving values to the side,

For we are not responsible,

Yet every thought is a decision,

To participate or not.

A real democracy only comes,

When democracy becomes real,

Where each learn they have rights

and responsibilities,

That we have the power to choose,

What we truly want.

So I ask you what do you truly want?

I ask this 7 times a day,

What do you truly feel?

What do you truly desire

And choose it,

For this is the colour of your world,

And you are at cause,

Why not work for the highest cause,

For peace we must work together,

For world peace.

Anything is possible,

When it is possible to be


Another world is possible,

A world social forum,

An open space initiative,

Where all can have a say,

In freedom,

For democracy is participation,

And we must participate,

If democracy is to exist.

So be the dove,

Give love in each moment of your life,

For every word makes a difference,

You are changing every life,

That is touched by your beautiful presence,

Remember the essence,

Is peace,

And this can only be found,

In the silence.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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