The Adventures of Peacefull


To thyself be true. To be a clown is to put on a mask, in truth it is to take the mask off. Society gives me permission to be myself which is silly, fun and loving. I invite you to take off your mask and show the world your beautiful self, it is not to say words that cause harm to others but deliver the message in a way that is truthful but not harmful. To speak with love is truth. Our purpose here is to know ourselves and live our own truth. It doesn´t matter what others think, only connect with your love and see what happens (exciting huh). The source of life, the divine, nature, god, whatever you want to call it, speaks from within every person, no-one knows more than another, we each have the same wisdom when you really listen to your highest wisdom, you will know. It feels good and you feel love, that is how you know. To live in harmony as one, we have to see ourselves in each other. It is not to divide because someone thinks differently from you, it is to come together in freedom and explore the differences, but cause no harm.


A world of shadows,
Puppets without a show,
For one can create the image of reality,
Yet it is merely a replica,
For in the world of illusion
Guilt masquerades as innocence,
For one is innocent until proven guilty,
And only one has rights
in silence.

The art of masks is an ancient tradition,
For one can fool another,
One can make-believe that what you believe
You make,
For you have to fake it
To make it,
Yet the art of deception,
Creates impressions,
But seldom leaves impressed.

I have chosen to take off my mask,
To reveal my true identity,
To walk alone toward what I believe is true,
For I care not for impressionists,
I care not for masks that cover pretence,
For deception is a disguise that projects responsibility
As someone else’s burden,
For the shadow cannot be touched,
When it was never real.

Many live as characters,
But not with character,
For integrity is seen as a fool’s gold,
Yet it is the alchemy of substance
That stands and delivers,
For the message is to stand,
For only a strong foundation
Supports a structure that endures time,
For the truth is true always,
And can never be eroded by craft
And mis-perceptions,
And one seeking the higher road,
Can see further than belief.

For the relief is the cliff
From which one steps,
For the unknown is not the abyss,
It is the beginning of courage,
For when one has faith that an answer will be found,
The next step becomes visible.

Life is not a forgone conclusion
To be controlled,
It is a journey that only a fool can make,
For to make it,
One must be prepared
to lose it,
Always remember to lose is not to fail,
It is a stepping stone to greater understanding
In the rubble of a seriously troubled world.

For the child of life is innocent,
And responds to the heart of the moment,
Seeking only to enjoy what is given,
To seek no gain,
But to play and explore,
Yet others watching may interpret actions
as manipulation,
Reactions as rejection,
Yet when one is visible,
When one is clear,
The tears of real politick,
Renders the frame as complete,
To contain the picture,
For judgement sees only straight lines,
The image is meaningless,
The message is an object,
For art works attract fierce critics,
For many can never rise above the structure,
In a world of right and wrong.

How can you see through the eyes of an artist?
Yet the real artist is not a painter,
She interprets truth as freedom from censure,
For she knows that when love is the answer,
Her questions are never in doubt.

Experience is in the eye of the beholder,
Truth is in the words that look within to see,
Art is always beauty,
Condemnation is never free,
For our world is built on structures,
That stand aside from truth,
For Hobbes is brutal,
Locke unlocked freedoms,
For rules have become framed,
The image masks intent,
And life has a conclusion,
That is unchanged by institutions,
For only the truth sets you free,
And that is what I truly see.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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