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I feel the true meaning of justice is resolving differences and helping people to stand in each other´s shoes (metaphorically of course, otherwise smelly). It is to learn empathy and respect for all people. It is in essence to do unto others as you would have done to you.

I wrote this poem to a man who caused me much pain and was probably my greatest teacher in this life. Everyone in truth is a teacher, if you choose to look to learn from the conflict. I am always trying to learn not get even. I believe to create a harmonious society we have to learn conflict resolution and be prepared to be wrong in our judgements. My preference is to try and learn not to judge but to be open to difference. We do not want a world where everyone conforms, I love the differences it makes for an interesting world. Conflict is the challenge of deeply held beliefs.


In the heart of truth,
There lies many answers,
For the truth has many sides,
For true intent reveals what is hidden,
An intention for truth is never hidden.

To love another is the highest tribute,
It is a precious gift,
When it is true it can’t be hidden,
It can’t walk away in shame,
For how can one be ashamed of seeing beauty
where it is hidden?

True love is never obsession,
For love frees possession,
Love allows another to choose,
Love is patient with no expectation,
Love has nothing to prove,
Love has nothing to lose when it only gives,
For only innocence exists in a pure heart.

Love has sought understanding,
Love has to speak the truth,
Love is patient and kind,
Love reaches for the highest ideal,
For only love is real.

Silence is the answer of incompletion,
For the question reveals ones face,
The answer reveals ones hand,
To face the question with honesty,
Is to understand another is uncertain,
To lead one to the mirror of clarity,
Makes visible misconceptions,
It reflects the true face,
For to show your face allows one to be seen,
The veil of secrecy descends on those with something to hide,
For they can never love what is hidden,
For two faces lead one into a hall of mirrors,
Where one is seeing only their reflection,
One looks in all directions but cannot find the door,
For the key is kept hidden in the shadows,
The caretaker no longer cares about what is fair.

To dare to love is a silent retreat,
To speak with honesty is met with shock,
To convey respect and empathy is too close for comfort,
To seek for resolution is a retaining wall,
For institutional walls provide no shelter only reinforcement,
For walls protect those in the tower who are unwilling to hear their fear,
To remove the misunderstanding and ask for peace,
Is met with frustration and legal force,
For nonviolence is a force more powerful,
For there are no walls in humanity,
For to be human hears the true voice,
Only truth and justice reveals respect.

I am told where there is misunderstanding sow truth,
Where there is pain offer healing,
Where there are questions respond with respect,
For truth is the freedom we all expect,
And to see another as oneself,
Is the mirror where you look to see,
Clarity sees what is so without judgement,
Charity is to offer a way out of darkness through kindness by the soft light of faith.

To treat another as a friend is to realize there is no enemy,
To treat conflict as an opportunity is to realize personal growth is the real gift,
To speak to another troubled is to turn illusion into reality,
It is the kindest act of compassion.

For life is not a fashion statement,
It was meant to display the joy of fun,
It was not to be taken seriously,
It was not to remove anyone’s dignity,
As a life on the run.

My only wish is forgiveness,
That was my only call,
I am deeply disappointed that we couldn’t dismantle the blessed wall,
To heal this rift the position must shift,
For I have suffered through love as never before,
I came close to a real fall – my life in question,
I questioned my life purpose and lost real hope,
Without justice and peace there is no life,
And my life is committed to justice of the peace,
For natural justice is not according right or wrong,
It seeks to resolve the differences – so all belong.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”

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