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POEM: REAL HOPE for the Future

This poem was written for Senator Allison, Leader of the Democrats on the parties demise from politics in Australia last year. The Democrats slogan in Australia was ‘to keep the bastards honest’. I sent a poem to her assistant and they invited me to read my poetry to her on her departure. This poem I felt inspired to write for her.

REAL HOPE for the Future

I am standing on top of a hill,
For Capital Hill
Rises above Lake Burley Griffin,
And the city of Canberra is aboriginal for a meeting place,
A sacred site,
And from this perspective I can see Old Parliament House,
Where there was much talk in the hallways,
Many crossing the floor for a laugh and a chat,
For this was the people’s house,
It was a common room,
It felt much like a home,
For here the dawning of democracy
Was born,
And only this would Advance Australia Fair.

The Senators of ancient Greece were democrats of a ruling elite,
Peopled by men debating about subjects within the Agora,
For the aura of democracy could be seen in contrasting views,
Which amuse, entertain and enliven passionate voices,
As Socratic dialogue raised more questions than answers,
Perspectives heightened as possibilities expanded over the horizon,
And this is the message of the true democrat,
It is to challenge,
And debate,
And to inquire,
It is the art which inspires,

The Australian democrats created democracy in Australia,
And this is not an ending but a new beginning,
For this democracy amuses, entertains and enlivens passionate voices,
And the umpire,
Keeping the bastards honest,
Ensuring fair play sustains a level playing field,
Is what wields great power for legitimacy,
For this moment the Greens keepers are making the pitch,
For the climate has changed,
The deck chairs rearranged,
For a game of chess is not black and white,
It is played with many moves made in advance,
And sometimes it looks like the Queen has been taken,
Yet the pawns can bring her back,
For it is not about power,
It is about small steps and reaching for the highest goal,
For when you reach the end you can bring back the players,
You can change the game,
For one can create new rules,
Which may not rule but be in service,
For true power was never in ruling class.

This tribute turns to the leader,
The quiet achiever,
Resurrecting unity within diversity,
Re-establishing community,
Embracing change even this one,
For change is the only constant,
As the sands rub and sting,
You may feel the chips are down,
That it has been a gamble,
Yet the pearl emerges from the shell,
And this pearl is priceless,
For its value is in honesty,
Its strength is in integrity,
The season is reasoned,
As illumination shines from principle,
For democracy is simple,
When you hold the scales of justice,
And there can be no loss in this position,
Only rebalancing,
For it requires no status or payment,
It is a statement that lives by example,
For it is the truth that sets us free.

So celebrate change and movement,
For peace is possible,
When you are at peace,
For the pieces of the puzzle come together,
When one takes a step back to look in another way,
For this is how you see the bigger picture,
For these are the times of great change,
And great opportunity,
And you are standing on the ledge,
Thinking it is lands end,
Yet it is not the end of the world,
Why not reach for the horizon,
And fly.

So I cannot say goodbye for REAL HOPE is in
Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love,
Honesty, Oneness Peace and Enjoyment

Now the new future waits on your welcome,
For this is a home coming parade,
In which we are all proud,
So let’s make it loud!!

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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