The Adventures of Peacefull


Re Formation

This is a story of a happy ending,
This is a story wrapped in the presence of real hope,
This is a journey that is an adventure,
If you wish to take my hand,
I am taking new steps on a pathway paved with gold,
For what is treasured is of value,
And each step trans-forms,
For new understandings are seen under the lamp
of a new en-lighten-ment,
that will no longer be buried treasure,
For what is most precious must re-surface
in time.

What if we were to rewrite the current worldview?
Edit in a new version?
Not of King Charles,
But Harry Potter,
A new vision filled with magic,
And the power of imagination,
Not the crystal ball tarnished and well worn,
But well being through the sparkling mirror ball of new visions,
As the freshness of morning dew rests on the petals of the budding rose about to bloom,
The thorns are defences not to be feared,
For I can see the pristine beauty of a mountain stream ushering in new consciousness,
For what you are conscious of you see,
And what you see re-forms your world,
For new ideas are flowing,
Carrying deposits of ancient wisdom,
Formulated by the passage of time in motion,
Stimulating new ideas percolate to the surface,
An alluvial gold shimmering in the moonlight,
For there was never forbidden fruit,
Only fruit that ripens,
When the time is right.

For greatness is the sweetest taste for those who make visible the beauty,
And not the beast,
It is to remember that what we focus on expands what we see,
And it is essential that we per-see-eve the power of choice,
Is at our disposal,
For this mission was never impossible.

Many may ask is this not denial of facts?
The answer may be which facts?
For each perspective is valid,
But in what direction do we look,
From which book do we read events?
The pulpits display a variety of ideological creeds,
For power is retained when greed is the seed sown,
A blue green algae spreading contagion,
As we suffocate in a world out of control,
Yet a new Garden of Eden can be planted in one day.

The gardener imagines the colour, aroma and variety of plants for the right season,
For one must remove the weeds of fear,
Within which we have become entangled,
The thorns of anger that strangle wild life,
The shadow of ignorance cowering in darkness,
For life can only grow in the right conditions.

It is time to seek the chrysalis,
There is a new variety resistant to pessimism,
For one must struggle first before we can fly,
As one is released from bondage freedom is assured.

How do I know all is good?
I choose to see your greatness not your title,
I look for the humour not the pain,
I see the passion not defeat,
I see the radiant smile,
Embracing friends of all colours,
Reaching out in gratitude to share a moment,
And that is the lens through which I see the garden.

For the world is one family,
Some may be wayward at this time,
But many are on track and working in-kind,
For their attention must focus on possibilities,
Stepping stones from here to there,
They must not despair that the game is over,
They must re-ignite friends around common-unity,
Only a global village dancing to the same tune becomes a tribe,
And all tribes know that as the last tree falls,
You cannot eat money.

How to translate vision into action?
It is to act before one thinks,
For as one acts the story unfolds unfettered,
Inspired by a new re-formation,
Exploring what does it look like?
Experiencing how does it feel?
Designing the patterns and flows,
Seeing how players inter-relate,
For international relations cross borders,
As all are related to a common good,
A good cause for the treasure hunt is on,
The noble peace prize is the Holy Grail
A hidden treasure,
And there is a new path to traverse,
The question is shall we seek in the forest
on or off the beaten track?
For each must find this new direction,
As the old ideas fall away as leaf litter,
New growth is awaiting the sunshine of enlightened leadership,
A treasure map that is not in order is the key,
A cryptic rhyming riddle appears as a chaos theory,
For the treasure is sustainable pattern making,
It can only be found in the natural selection for truth,
As nature will select for survival in common-unity,
And one must be in harmony to win the prize of peace.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

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