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As part of my own inner peace work, the key inspiration I feel is forgiveness, peace is for giving, that is to give not to take. When you forgive you let go of the illusion that held the negativity in your mind. We can´t change the past, but in the present we can change the future, by changing out thoughts. Every one is at different levels of awareness and understanding. Perhaps if we were in another person´s shoes facing the same experiences of life and with the same education, mindset etc. we would be the same. It is to understand that not everyone sees the world as you do. If you do focus groups you can see that clearly, everyone can describe the same event differently, for we filter life with different beliefs. It is for you to accept the world is seen and experienced differently, yet at the deepest level, we are the same. So the starting point of peace within, is to forgive yourself and the other. This is extremely difficult when you have strong beliefs. For example one of mine is that people should be kind. The word ‘should’ is a clue to my expectation and it asserts silently I am right, it is divisive, yet it is not the reality. Some people are not kind and that is true.  In moments I have not been kind.  So the core belief is erroneous.  I can only be kind, and perhaps through example, others are inspired, but I can´t teach them to be kind if they don´t feel it.  What I am learning is everyone plays their part whether you agree or not.  It is reality and the acceptance of reality means you don´t resist what is so.  You just be kind and that is your power.  You  have no power over anyone else.   The power of forgiveness builds trust and unity, this is the power of inner strength.  Values are intrinsically powerful, they are universal as they unify, anything that unifies is the real power.   Anything else is power over, this is not power, it is powerlessness seeking power.  Sometimes people think if they forgive they are condoning or letting the other off the hook.  It is not condoning it is accepting the other as they are.  When you live in a unity consciousness you feel unconditional love, this does not change if someone does something negative.   Only love heals and provides a space for transformation.

This is a poem I wrote, I hope it inspires you as it did me.


World peace will only come,
When we can look into the eyes
Of those who trespass against us,
With love and compassion,
Forgiveness is always for giving.

For it is not to seek support,
But to know that one is supported by truth,
That is the true reconciliation
Within the heart.

World peace is true freedom,
World peace is true expression,
It is the freedom to choose one’s actions,
The freedom to be one self in comm-unity,
The freedom to take responsibility,
But this is without expectation,
Without need,
Without greed,
It is to sit in peace and send love
to those who persecute us,
For if we hate,
If we shout,
If we feel anger,
Then we are at war with ourselves,
For peace has left for it is not at war,
Turmoil is the soil,
That fertilizes our thoughts,
And it is thoughts of peace for the other,
That bring the new wind,
That open a space for understanding,
Of ourselves.

It is ok to feel the pain,
It is kind to feel for those disempowered,
It is good to wish for something higher,
But to be the change,
We must change,
And speak with love and peace,
For it is the love that sets us free,
Love is the seed,
That awaits the right conditions,
To grow through the resistance,
And this is the birth of a new variety.

Enjoy your day,
Don’t see it as a trial,
Fear is false evidence appearing real,
This is just another challenge to stand up for your truth,
To help others to see another way,
In freedom,
It matters not if there is the power of one,
Or the multitudes,
All truth tellers stand alone,
And this is the strength of the multitude,
For you will never see your strength in a crowd,
You will never hear peace when it is loud,
For peace is in stillness.

Life happens the way it is meant to,
For we do not trust god’s plan,
And it is unfolding although we may not see,
For only in our hearts can we be free,
When we see ourselves in the other,
For all of us trespass,
All of us force,
All of us are fighting,
But it is time to drop the arms,
To become defenseless,
It is time to say the alms,
It is the time for peace,
This is the seed that is awaiting nourishment,
Quietly awaiting your attention,
It is in humility that it germinates,
It is love that is the nourishment.

For you are peace,
You are love,
You are joy,
You are the most beautiful expression,
So learn the lesson,
And the court will become a classroom,
Teaching values of mutual respect,
This is the sand of differences that grate,
That rub against each other,
Only through discomfort and friction can the pearl of deep respect be formed,
The hard edges are removed,
And the justice of real truth,
Emerges from the mountains of beliefs,
For this is the rising sun
Of self realization.
Om shanty in peace.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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