The Adventures of Peacefull


My Gift

My highest wish is happiness,
It is the gift I give to all,
To see the smiling faces,
To catch them before they fall.

To be a clown,
Is like surround sound,
It spreads a ray of sunshine,
To all without discrimination,
Without impatience,
To see the world as one,
To inspire and have some fun.

I have no enemies,
I have no-one to hate,
To me there is no nation state,
I see the world as my family,
I just want to bring them home,
Into the warmth of love and kindness,
So no-one feels alone.

I see every story,
In its real glory,
I know the potential of what can be,
I long to set them free,
Into a world of their own making,
Into a world that is no longer breaking
into fragments of glass,
Shards of misunderstanding,
Where we see only a fraction of what is true,
We assume that it is not safe,
That is the myth,
That is the spin,
That disempowers and tries to win.

One truth is that life begins,
When we step out of the comfort zone,
The boundaries of insecurity build walls,
We are not alone,
And when we step out of illusion,
Of misconceptions,
We realize that there is no fear,
That there are many tears,
That are flowing down the rivers of separation,
But they will reach the headwater,
They will unite in the end,
The journey is the experience,
That life sends.

I believe in peace,
I believe in goodness,
I believe in action,
I know that for every cause
there is an equal and opposite reaction,

My life is dedicated to principle,
I know the answers are simple,
When you throw away judgment,
When you throw away hurt,
When you throw away hate,
And think about what you’ve learned.

Under the canopy of respect,
You will never reject,
The will of others,
They must travel their own path,
We need to learn to laugh,
Life is the comedy,
Perhaps I am the fool,
But just maybe,
That’s the school
for world peace.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

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