The Adventures of Peacefull

Poem: Encryption of a New Earth

This poem I wrote inspired me to look into the pyramids and to question if ET’s are involved, I found out that they are indeed.  You will have to investigate this yourself, I found my proof.  Also the year 2012 is significant, i did further research, particularly into the Mayan prophecies and again, I have my own answers there.

We live in an amazing world, much more than you can imagine.  Enjoy.


Boiling the tea,
We sit around the fire of questions,
It spits, flutters and flickers,
The embers glow as golden hue,
The ambient heat a seductive cocoon,
Wrapping both form and formless in silence,
As the flames dance their hypnotic rhythm,
Spontaneous, mysterious and alive,
The hard wood transformed by air, wind and an ancient spark,
A lifecycle engulfed by time and place,
Transports adventurers seeking to explore the meaning of our lives.

Lying back in warm arms,
I seek to spot my favourite constellation,
I look back to touch the reaches of time,
From the shore of my uncertainty,
I feel the starlight of Orion star gazing,
A familiar friend indeed a star gate,
A celestial equator or midpoint equinox,
Is the turning point of coordinates seasoned in time.

Opening to myths and legends,
Orion a hunter wearing his belt was shot with an arrow,
Was it war or love I wonder?
As ancient folk lore whispers tall stories,
A message hidden in the stars?
Or stars without a message?
To question the comet or the long tale?

I close my eyes as relativity subsides from my frame of reference,
I feel for the absolute in the darkness of our ignorance,
Cryptic crosswords of astrology and astronomy as riddles hidden by symbols,
The mystic and scientific showcasing differing measures of the cosmos from the same origin,
One sees a life path linked to constellations and numbers,
The other maps a star system through numbers and structured constellations,
Systems theory or living systems are curious questions spiraling in the smoke of my inquiry.

I travel to Egyptian pyramids as stone aged beacons,
Coordinating constellations for 4,500 years,
Mathematical tripods of infinite precision,
Protected by the god Osiris a merciful judge,
The lord of love and silence (mystery),
His after life becomes a new life spawning cycles of nature,
Symbolized precisely in the sky of Orion and Sirius as the start of a new epoch.

The ice age in meltdown 12,500 years ago,
Uncovered fertile crescents as the wide open mouth of the Nile welcomed new life,
Premised a sun rise of ancient civilizations,
The sphinx guards the astronomy of heaven,
The head of a human and the body of a lion,
Symbolising the ancient zodiac of 2000BC,
As unknown knowledge advances wisdom,
Carved by hieroglyphics from higher pre-texts,
Opening a secret passage entombed in time.

The dusty dusk of civilization reaches its solstice as a sun spot imploding,
The spark of insurrection burned as the climate changed the future.

Will history repeat itself in 2012 epoch?
As magnetic fields firing solar flares,
NASA calculates 11 year polar reversals,
Einstein spoke of a pole shift,
A catalysing climate change,
Earth re-arranges a harmonic convergence,
A new earth emerging out of the ashes onto a re-newed orbit.

As the embers burn down I fall asleep,
To awaken into the heart of a new civilization,
Written in the stars of Orion that love is peace,
and peace is the love of all dream keepers.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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