The Adventures of Peacefull

Poem: Ancestral Leaves (nature)


The powerful indigenous mantra,

Is identity with country,

With land,

With nature,

With spirit,

For to walk and leave a small footprint,

Is the greatest testimony to peace,

And the encyclopaedia of knowledge

Within bush wisdom,

Pre-serves the environmental movement,

For each can hold hands and learn,

And remember,

That we are all one land,

One people,

One heart.

For that can be seen clearly,

For we are the tree of humanity,

And you and I are one leaf,

For each of us can give shade or cast a shadow,

I am choosing to share,

I am choosing to care,

For I respect diversity and embrace difference,

Within unity,

As friends,

As family.

This leaf is 118 years old,

And I give it to you as a peace treaty,

As a peace offering,

For I can say sorry as I feel the pain,

But really I want to say go for it,

Leave the past behind,

Await the leaf to drop to the ground,

For when it is ripe all will be forgiven,

For our greatest power is truth,

In reconciliation,

In affiliation,

In participation,

For our world is great because of you.

I will leave you with these ideas,

For our true nature is harmony & cooperation,

Sharing and goodwill to all,

For the rainbow serpent is all colours,

Mixed together becomes white light,

And that is my dreaming,

For each peace leaves an imprint on the earth,

For the ancestors leave wisdom around the sacred fire,

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”

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