The Adventures of Peacefull

Poem: A Blue Print of Peace


A blue print,

A footprint,

An impression,

For the sand is impermanence,

Nature recycles history,

For no impression has more weight than another,

All eventually turn to dust,

For the physical world is in constant change.

The peace you seek never disappears,

Beneath constant change is certainty,

For the sands of timelessness exist not in physical matter,

But in eternal truth.

All human beings arrived from eternal truth,

And will return to it,

The mind of the universe is vast,

It is timeless and unlimited.

The sun is the mother of all life,

A wheel of electromagnetic fields,

Sending free energy to recharge the grid,

For matter and anti-matter is the mirror,

For all that is physical has the non-physical

to balance the multi-verses,

For life is present in a multiplicity of universal forms.

Many human minds are focussed within imagined dilemmas,

Information technology creates the context and flavour of what is believed and then seen,

The discussions and critiques never step over lay lines of universal enquiry,

They are contained within a corral of directed scripts and role plays to keep addiction alive,

As the tail that wags the dog picks at the bone,

For the blind men cannot feel the pink elephant of their own creation,

As the family is embroiled in conflict and confusion,

For fear, suppression and misinformation drives modern life into a darkness with dimmed lights.

External influences dramatise events to fuel undivided attention,

Yet the greatest mysteries are cast aside to make room for the Simpsons and Big Brother,

To fill inner space with sitcoms, dramas and awakened new fears,

For paralysis, gossip and a survival mentality,

Is a contextual field that knows not truth.

I close my eyes to feel a rhythm that I cannot hear,

Yet the breath of life is unmistakeable,

Nature speaks in a language that has no judgement or pre-conceptions,

The winds and water courses flow around obstacles to complete the cycle,

The weather patterns distribute sustenance to a vibrant world alive with the colour of potential,

For there is consistency in life affirming self regulating patterns of the snowflake,

There is purpose in an ecosystem functioning in harmonious unison,

There are dinosaurs amongst the ancient forests,

For the tree is the centre peace of stability,

Inspiration, transpiration, communication, leaf litter, canopies, temperature regulation, soil retention, protection, carbon sinks, oxygenation is the true summit for climate change,

Technology is not favoured by natural selection.

Peace is the REAL HOPE for humanity,

When one is Responsible and able to respond,

Conflict resolution awakens Empathy in others,

Awareness is to seek truth not power,

Love is the natural life force in harmony,

Honesty is the outcome of a truthful intent,

Oneness is the ecosystem birthing life equally,

Peace is creative action inspiring virtues,

Enjoyment is the clown that plays with life and sees the joke as life itself.

For the blue print is known to all,

But applied consistently by few,

One can worship great heroes yet the hero is within you awaiting your purpose to flower,

For the greatest love is to realise that one can create anew with principled leadership,

As ambition falls away as a child discards a toy,

As profiteering holds no gain only pain,

As power exists in the vacuum of the powerless,

For the greatest leader responds from within,

Walks alone and speaks out to all,

Leads by service and acknowledges the value of all without prejudice or favour,

For the greatest justice is to share fairly with all,

For some say the meek will inherit the earth,

For humility is the face of virtue living as unity,

Unity can only be seen through the hearts that see inner peace in the truth of who we are.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”

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