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Charter: Wellbeing

This is inspired by Marion who I met yesterday. She is looking for a new way to create society based on humanness not money. I wrote this Charter in 2008 as I was deeply reflecting on the principles underlying a society that reflects Wellbeing. I also feel we the people whilst questioning governments are not in a space to blame as we also are contributing to the problem through our own unquestioned attitudes. I say that with much love for all.


We the people have created a mindset of right versus wrong, one feels positive the other negative. We the people live on the earth with incomplete knowledge and what we don’t know we either fear, plead ignorance or assume we are right until proven wrong. We the people, practice our assumptions until they become fact and leave truth unquestioned.

We the people divide, and this becomes the rationale of war from the personal to the international level. Until we the people, question ourselves not in terms of right and wrong, but in terms of what serves wellbeing and what does not, we are destined to repeat our mistakes.

This Charter is a guide to wellbeing for all on earth.

To love is to care about wellbeing, it is not obsession;

To give is to share, it is not charity;

To empathise is to feel understanding for another, it is not sympathy;

To know the truth is to face yourself, it is never about the other. Truth changes as consciousness expands and new truths become visible;

Empowerment is to take responsibility for your actions, to live, express and act in the world in a way that does not take power away from another. The greatest power is no power over others, practicing non-violence and speaking the truth;

To live together is to experience the joy of learning from others, it is not to avoid contact but embrace differences. To share space fairly is to experience democracy;

To respect another is to accept they have an equal place in this world and to value their humanity;

Courage is to face issues fairly and not walk from responsibility.

Responsibility is the ability to respond, it is not by greeting challenges in silence;

Justice is to be just in the moment, the courts are to redress injustice; through restorative justice

To work together is to join in a cooperative enterprise for a shared goal, it is not about being better than, exclusionary or in slavery to another;

To live in a family is the microcosm of the human family, the family is supportive of each other, a shared responsibility, equality of opportunity, conflict resolving, respectful and held together by loving bonds. It is not to be used for personal gain or an imposed dictatorship, it is the very foundation of civilisation;

Male and female are more similar than different. Emotional awareness and physical strength are biological compliments for survival of the species not biases for assertions of superiority or inferiority;

Diversity is not equality, for there are no two entities the same. Equal opportunity affords all an opportunity equally. Diversity is not difference it is uniqueness and is the component parts of life on earth;

Community is the common unity of human groups. For unity to occur each person must respect equally the space of the other and respect their right to freedom of movement and expression;

To live in stewardship on the planet is to take responsibility for all life on earth without disrupting genetic imprints. To absorb water, wind, earth and air in balanced sustainability;

Love and compassion is the highest calling, it is the purpose of life on earth.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

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