The Adventures of Peacefull

8 Dec Around Auckland, New Zealand

Got up and felt pretty good. I met Marie this amazing woman filled with kindness. She made me a lovely breakfast and offered to drive me into town. She also knits clowns and offered to give me one of her master pieces, I kid you not the talent is equivalent to engineering. Handicrafts is an intelligence and I told her she is very talented, she informed me she loves piano and plays for the old folk at the nursing home. She massages feet and has oils burning. Really lovely person.

We drove into the city and organised a time to meet up later. I walked down Queen street looking at the shops. The first thing I did was get a GREAT coffee, aaaah a flat white with a love heart on top. I love the italian style of coffee and couldn’t get it in Central or South America or even the States. Australia and New Zealand are very similar even the accents, so it is like being home. I love New Zealand people, I actually married a kiwi (our word for New Zealanders they call us ozzies) years ago and had a wonderful relationship with a kind man and humble man, so I am fortunate. He and I travelled around the North and South of New Zealand. We camped in the fiords looking up at magnificent mountains. Paul cooked eggs on a fire he built and we drove in a car around both islands. The glacial lakes are pure light blue like torquoise and you can’t believe the purity of the water. It is simply a stunning country. I did consider living there although with climate change I believe the sea levels are going to rise, New Zealand in my view is vulnerable to tsunami’s because it is an earthquake zone where the Australiasian plate and the Pacific plate join. The Southern Alps are a result of the crash of the plates. They had a earthquake over 7 points on the Richter Scale and my friend Marie tells me it was frightening, Christchurch was flattened, many buildings went down. This was in September this year I learned.

So walking around I was enjoying myself. I then went to the main square and saw an environmental photographic exhibition. There was a voice over talking about environmental issues and the urgency. I took photos of all the aerial photo’s from around the world depicting a range of different environments. There was facts on population, over fishing, atmosphere, sustainability etc. It was very well done. I then went to an area where children’s voices were depicted on butchers paper and drawings on banners. That for me was home. I know my work is for children and I have fully intended to help them have a voice to wake up adults that they want a safe and happy future. They had kids comments which I took photos of and will upload it all in to the gallery. I met Vivienne who also is inspired to work for peace and sustainability. This is where I am going with my own inspiration. So we had a long talk about just doing what you can, even if it is piecemeal. I felt it needs more coordination but I understood her point about lifting the vibration of the planet. Vibration is really about resonance, it is consciousness. What this means is that some people may just be aware of their own life, working, sleeping etc, others may have a consciousness that is aware of the environment, for others it is spirituality, for others space or the universe is another form of awareness. If you sit and watch t.v. all the time you will have a consciousness that reflects that. If you travel the world it lifts your consciousness as you become more aware and so on. We live in a world of a diverse range of awareness, that is why people don’t see the same things, they are aware of a certain band width, and it is meant to be that way. If that shifts through information, then again, that is meant to be.

Anyway back to the exhibition, I will turn up tomorrow as a peace clown and interview folks about their thoughts on the subject. I will also be clowning at a nursing home courtesy of Marie who organised it. They are even paying me a small amount. I said I usually do it for free, but at this stage of my trip, I think I do need to accept the funds as I am living off savings and they have nearly run out. Clearly I don’t do it for the money. I love to bring joy to people.

Anyway, will update you tomorrow. Funny how life works and how the clowning just came up naturally, I don’t have to force it, just be myself and offer loving kindness.

Anyway, must go to sleep to get some energy. Still slightly unwell but I’ll be fine for tomorrow. Yippee can’t wait. I do miss my clowning…. hope I can sleep, I get excited damn it. Too much joy….

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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