The Adventures of Peacefull

5-6 Nov To the Airport and back again Pt 2

I waited at the hotel at 8.10pm for the airport transport. I have to laugh, the VIP transport organised by LAN airlines was around 40 minutes late to go to the airport. It didn´t come so I had the reception guys ring the airport. Whilst waiting I had a fantastic conversation with the Bell boy who was quite philosophical. He was curious about me as I was very friendly and joking with him. He said most guests are serious. I told him life is too short. He said you seem like a very happy person. I said I am, I am a clown. He said he questioned the life that he is in. He sees how the society is changing and he said he felt uncomfortable as a Bell boy it is not him. He said he had an interest in an Argentinian philosopher, but I forgot the name he mentioned. I told him I believe you have to follow your heart in life, it doesn´t mean it is all smooth sailing but I felt it was worth it. I also said you don´t need money, that somehow when you focus it does come to you. I told him about being sponsored to Russia with Patch and how I just got a contract before this trip in research. I wasn´t putting myself out there as a research analyst, just through contacts I was given the opportunity. I do feel life works like this. He mentioned that he didn´t like the fact that people are slaves, they are working very hard. He was a really interesting character. I also found the guys on the reception really nice too. I had a good laugh with one of them, joking about my transport being late, I said everything happens for a reason, I´ll be curious to see who I meet and what happens as a result of the delay. As it turned out I met a nice driver but much more happened. So what I am learning is that I am in the right place at the right time. The other guy on reception said he didn´t trust people. I said I´ve been burned to but I do trust people and I have travelled the world and nothing happened. He said you are lucky, I said am I. I believe people are great and that seems to be what I experience. Is the glass half full or empty. With that the driver arrived and I blew kissed to the guys on reception, we exchanged emails, gave a hug to the Bell Boy he also gave his email. So hopefully we keep in touch.

I had a really wonderful discussion with the driver. We talked about life and the magic of it. We also talked about god and he said just have to have faith. He also said he can´t afford to travel, I said just imagine what you want and focus that you have it. This is called the Law of Attraction, to my surprise he had seen the Secret. That was actually made in Australia. It is basically about the reality that we live in a universe that has multiple possibilities. That is why people often talk about positive thinking, those who are positive good things happen to. This is to do with imagine good outcomes definitely, you are in essence selecting outcomes. Rather than being the victim of them or subject to probability. I also feel life has a fate.

I arrived there around 9.30pm, flight due to leave 11.10pm. Turns out that everyone has to re check in as the flight now has mechanical problems. I wasn´t keen when I saw the length of the Line. I asked the guy looking after people if there was some other way. I also said why wasn´t I rung at the hotel, I could have just stayed there. Anyway, I also said to him it may be a good time to get the compensation promised by LAN for voluntary coming off the flight the day before. So I waited about an hour, then he came and got me. I waited another 1.5 hours whilst they tried to work out the compensation. I felt very peaceful the whole time. I observed the people getting very frustrated and I watched how conflicts were dealt with. One man was very angry and no matter what Angelo said (he is the LAN guy) he just blocked it, not good enough, no excuse. I watched as Angelo said you are right, it is no excuse, he was very peaceful. What was interesting about this guy when I first saw him the night before I noticed a strength and calmness in him. He was a strong person. I saw leadership in him as well. Anyway, we ended up spending time together. He organised my hotel and transport. I said to him you handled the conflict really well. I said where did you learn to be so peaceful or are you upset underneath. He said I know I am innocent and don´t take it personally, I really like to serve people. Turns out his whole family are very calm and peaceful. He said he is patient. I watched him repeat again and again to people who didn´t understand, I didn´t see a trace of frustration, he just smiled at me. Really beautiful guy. We ended up really have a good chat and he gave his email and I said I will send him information on conflict resolution. I said to him he would make an excellent mediator. I will encourage him.

So got back to the hotel around 12.30pm, didn´t sleep most of the night but feel pretty good. Keep telling myself all is good. So now just about to go the airport. Santiago has to let go of me.

I will be flying in daylight which means I will see the coast of Chile and possibly Antartica, wow what an opportunity the mechanics failed on the plane. Let´s hope the one I am in is in sound working order.

Take care talk to you soon

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

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