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3 October, REAL HOPES for humanity

I felt inspired to discuss politics and I spent most of last night writing my blog about politics until 3.30am. I put on my analytical cap. My feeling was that it is easy to express opinion and in truth we don’t know the reality from all perspectives. It is easy to blame others for the world to look for what is wrong. I see myself as a neutral third party rather than a political participant, and have no desire for the latter. Politics for me is the art of influence and I have no desire to influence others deliberately so that I gather support, I am only interested in expressing my life as I see it. There are many truths. When I teach truth I use a mirror ball, I say to children each mirror is a person expressing their truth, when you look into the ball you can’t see yourself, it is fragemented. However, if you look into your own mirror only you see you. That is the reality, I can’t judge the world I am not in their shoes, although I’ve had quite a few experiences so I can identify but again, I know I don’t know. I believe when you respect others, you will allow people to find their own truth. People have the wisdom to make up their own minds. It is up to them how much they find out. My predominant interest is values as I feel this will guide humanity to a place where we all want to go, happiness and fulfillment.

I think I will talk more about values as I feel a truth in it. In my own life I was inspired to create a program called REAL HOPES, this is an acronym for – Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service. REAL HOPES is a model for seeing the world through unifying values and provides a platform for generating new ideas that have a strong foundation in values rather than other motives like profit, ego or influence by opinion. It is a values based feeling of life that gives expanded vision in respect of experiencing emotional intelligence and heightened awareness that the world is much more expansive than we think (literally). For example if you want to determine authenticity you may investigate through the prism of REAL HOPE. Let’s begin with what is REAL. You will observe if they Responsible, that is they have the ability to respond they can do something. This is finding your own power to act. When you look through Empathy, naturally you will stand in their shoes and imagine from their perspective. Often in bullying or power over situations people are not able to feel other people or empathise with how they feel. This is the case in workforces where management doesn’t know what it is like to do rote work, so they switch off emotionally to employees and just apply tasks to their life. Awareness is the other perspective, this moves us to look for information this can be simply noticing around us. For example stopping work at your computer and actually looking at your colleagues as people. Looking out the window and noticing the blue sky and your place on this planet. Awareness can also mean going to deeper levels within yourself and seeing yourself as part of a greater picture. Or it can be gathering more knowledge to stretch your understanding. Love is the feeling state that moves you to give to others, to feel compassion, to love yourself by not allowing abuse for you and the other. Love is also non-violence, when you see the humanity in another you are feeling love for them, you are turning into the higher part of them. When you respect a person’s right to be here even when you disagree philosophically, you are feeling love for them, rising above perceived differences. Love in its truest form is acceptance of the way it is. It is not resisting life but understanding there is benevolence beyond the situations we experience. Sometimes it is hard to see that in a murder, rape or cruelty but seeing through values looks at what is learned as an event is affecting many people. How do people change their lives, does it inspired a desire to work for nonviolence etc. Love doesn’t condone the act but it feels unconditional love for all life, as love is a transformative power. If you go into the negative you add to that.

The next part of the model is HOPES – Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service. Hope is generated when we are honest. At the present time we are living with psychology that justifies lying by stating it is the way things are done, that is how you get ahead. You can’t tell the truth, people can’t handle it. In a model of honesty you can be honest 100% of the time. In truth you are finding your power to face life as you see it. You are having the courage to be judged. You are speaking openly and being transparent. Many people hide in fear of being judged. Honesty is transparent and you find you start to love yourself more when you are honest. With every deception a darkness expands within and we lose ourselves moment by moment. When you know you are lying and at some level we always do, we are experiencing that we have no power as we have to lie to make someone believe us or to bring them onside. We don’t believe that truth will take us to where we want to go. So we rationalize lying, we blame the other, we tell our self a lie that we have toile. This of course is not true. We only diminish our own power. Truth is the stepping stone to awareness and self love. All these values lead to each other. If we look at the next value Oneness, we see we are part of a greater energy system from which we all emerged (born) and we return to (death). You can feel the pulse of life through our life force. We also notice we have the same needs as each other to breathe, to eat, to love, to feel security, to form friendships and bonds. This is the experience of the oneness. Sometimes you may have a feeling of oneness with the world, you are not a part but integral to the world. I remember driving my car in Australia and I had a moment of timelessness, I remember the point of the road at which I realized there was no time that I was living fully in the now moment. I saw my life as eternal and myself as part of nature and all life. Oneness is a powerful value and it see no separation between myself and others, what I do to another I do to myself. If we treat people with no respect, we are treating ourselves like that. This comes from inner beliefs, we will attract others to not respect us and so it goes. Peace is the next value that is really about balance of darkness and light, the yin and yang is the best symbol which highlights change. The dark and the light are not negative and positive although it can be, it is about change, dark can seem negative but often the good can be seen. There is an interesting story about the candle in the sun. you cannot see the candle in the sun, but if there is darkness the light can be seen. Gandhi’s life to me was a candle in the darkness of ignorance. He shone brightly the more he became truth in his own life, he saw his service to humanity not only India. He was in the oneness and felt his connection to creation. The peace he expressed was in infinite patience with people and recognizing himself in others. Peace is love and truth, it is acceptance of the dark and the light as part of the duality in which we all live. Their will always be ignorance and fear, so this helps us to strive for peace and love. They are dynamic opposites. Enjoyment is not pleasure it is the joy that comes from within when you look at a baby, when you fall in love, when you are doing what you always wanted to, when you give yourself permission to live your life. I understand this joy when I am a clown, as I see the smiles and love in others, I can feel the joy in myself. As I feel joy it naturally gives to others. Through joy my humour comes to the surface and I no longer take myself seriously, I see the fool and love it. It enables me to express my colours to the world without being shy or inhibited, I step into the fullness of my expression without fear and I am overwhelmed with joy which feels like 100% fulfillment. The last value is Service. Service is a natural state of being which serves others through love. There is no feeling of servitude, slavery or obligation to look after anyone out of duty. Service is that you are so fulfilled that you have much to give. You see the need and assist or you just contribute in a way that brings relief to another or illumination or helps them to see themselves. Telling the truth to someone is a service, choosing to be a friend is serving another, remembering someone likes something and giving it is a service. Giving to a person begging because you feel inspired is serving the other. In truth you are serving parts of yourself, as we are all connected. You are experiencing again your power in the wealth you have to be able to give something. It is generosity that finds fulfillment in serving the world as love expressed.

So REAL HOPE I give to you to ponder over. As we live the values and integrate them in our lives we will feel the true value of life. Life is a gift in every moment. Sometimes we take it for granted or allow our lives to be run by fear. When we relax and know life is happening for a purpose we may not see, then we can watch the show and feel gratitude.

From values a new way of leadership will emerge that comes from within. It has no interest in leading others, it simply finds its own path and truthfully expresses life. The future will be transformed by inner values which are universal in truth. They are what demonstrate the unity which is the truth of who we are. The separation creates competition, jealousy, inferiority, division and poverty on a range of levels. Unity is the natural state of humanity as one species that is intrinsically unified, it is consciousness that helps us to see that common oneness. When we come together without agenda’s, without fear, we will find the solutions that will move humanity forward.

My feeling is we can start with the children today or are the stakeholders of the future. The fundamental values of humanity will produce a different value as wealth, career, prestige at the expense of others will not be preferred. To work together to express our uniqueness, to look for what brings happiness will be the desires that guide us to a new future.

A last thought to ponder. The inspiration I feel came as I started to question my life and what was true. Increasingly overtime I looked for truth in myself and the inspiration increased. I do not believe there are great people and those that are ordinary. To me no person is ordinary, even the person on the street. We are playing a part in the life path. There are aspects we cannot know as our consciousness has not raised its vibration to the point of seeing beyond what we see as real. For most of us it is what we can touch and feel. The emotional/spiritual world is the unseen, as scientists know the molecular level is not seen by the naked eye but it is the very building blocks of what is seen. So my point is there is much we don’t see, the seeing of such would change our world view immediately. Some people have become evolved enough to see beyond the visible life spectrum. When you see through values you start to look beyond the substantive world to find the life pulsating with an energy that can be moved and transferred (second law of thermodynamics). Thus the perceived magic of the person ringing at the right time, someone gifting you with money which helps you find your dream, a person coming out of the blue when you are sad and giving you advice to keep you going. You start to experience the magic of the unseen and I can tell you from experience it is indeed real. When I refer to magic I am not referring to Harry Potter or those who play with magic to feel control, I am speaking of an energy so natural that happens around you in every moment. The world becomes less solid and more flowing and you discover a rhythm of life in perfect harmony. Not unlike an orchestra. I will find a poem to express this is the next blog.

If you want to find out more go to my website or be in touch. Life is truly wonderful.

Haha I just heard a Queensland cockatiel and I am in Lima, Peru. This has always been a sign to me. I used to have a bird that I really loved. I taught it to wolf whistle. When it died I felt I had lost a friend. When I was in London I heard a cockatiel squark and smiled, in Canberra I saw an avery and every now and then I hear it. That is the magic I am aware of. Life is not what it seems when you are open to possibilities. Afterall you could be wrong, and that is the most intelligent statement you can make to yourself. It opens up your mind and heart.

I have REAL HOPE for you.

Much love, Susan

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”

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