The Adventures of Peacefull

3 July, New Delhi, Meditation and dogs

I was exhausted on Saturday, my feet had swollen up and I declined to go out to see more of Delhi. Instead I just slept and felt a desire to meditate in their little meditation room. This place I am staying at happens to be a dedicated mission to universal peace. I accidently found this place on couch surfing and had no idea they were into peace.

I went out into the room and saw the spiritual hierarchy. I have recently discovered this hierarchy through a meditation group I visited once who say they connect to an Archangel called Michael. For those not into angels, they will have to just reserve judgement in this section. In my world view and experience they do exist. Anyway, when I saw the spiritual hierarchy I knew I was staying with people who had an awareness of cosmology, angel realms and divine purpose. They are not religious but do have a guru who gives discussions and mediations about peace and the violet ray. This is the ray that is represented by Saint Germain. He is considered a mystical figure seen throughout the ages in many different incarnations, he is considered a spiritual being who is here to assist with peace on the planet, phew we are not alone, if we leave it up to the hierarchy on the planet I don’t like our chances. There is much knowledge to this knew understanding but what I can say is as you grow spiritually in awareness, you become aware that we incarnate onto this planet and we have a role to play. The basis of all spiritual awareness is that we are one family. When I sat in this room I felt the purpose in my being here. I cried as I felt myself connect to this inspiration. I thought about conducting a peace gathering in this house to simply ask people what brings them joy and peace. To include the household staff as well. Interestingly enough I emerged from this peaceful space after a few hours and I was confronted by two dogs. I had seen these dogs on my way to the toilet in the house but they were behind rails so they couldn’t attack, they did bark quite ferociously but I did feel safe. So outside I smiled at them and went to make friends. To my amazement they attacked me. The main one was particularly vicious and I realized I was being mauled and the other bit me but not so hard. I remember thinking ‘I must go back into the meditation place’ where I then yelled for someone to help me out. There was some commotion amongst the household staff and the family as they realized that I hadn’t been supervised and the protected against the dogs. It was an interesting experience for me as I had never been bitten before. I was conscious of the teeth going in not as bad as I thought although I felt pain when I was bitten a few times. I had a look at my leg and they did draw blood, my next thought was tetanus, but I was assured later that the dogs were vaccinated.

The family took good care of me with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory’s I just observed the experience. I was a little shaken and I do have a fear of the dogs now, but I am just avoiding them until I feel I can face them. I have reminded myself this trip is about facing fear and I am aware of how strong fear is. I do feel traumatized by the attack and I don’t want them barking at me again. However, at some point I will see them and perhaps have to accept dogs are dogs, they are in fear, one in particular. They were not sensing my fear I was aware they were in fear. So anyway, the senior father who is a spiritual person, he and his wife placed their hands over my leg to heal the wound. I also sought to heal through my energy as well, I am certain it makes a difference. I feel that love heals, so there was a feeling of positive certainty all will be well.

I notice now it is raining outside, so thank god it is not hot. Just a bit of lightening around. The farmers will be happy to hear the rain.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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