The Adventures of Peacefull

27-29 Oct Staying with Paula and Javi, clowning

I moved from Erica and Jorge to other couchsurfers Paula and Javi. I went to the Italia Plaza and Paula met me inside the coffee shop. We talked about our dreams, mine of travelling the world as I am and she was saying she wanted to as well. She saw herself taking photos of children or having them take photos. She wasn’t sure how to find sponsors but I encouraged her to trust her heart as the answers are there. I liked her from the moment we met and saw a kindness and wisdom in her.

She took me back to her place and made a lovely pumpkin pie. Her partner Javi turned up, he is training as an economist and we talked about the current economic system of winners and losers. The capitalist system doesn’t look after those who don’t get jobs and fit into the system. I have found poverty increasingly difficult to reconcile within myself on the is journey. My inner feeling is no person should be treated as beneath equality because they have no money or a mental illness. A civilized society takes care of everyone. We are not born to be economic units, we are firstly citizens and the system was originally designed to serve us. Even Adam Smith who is often quoted to justify the efficacy of market forces was reacting against the mercantilists. Maynard Keynes was the one who advocated for government intervention as market forces alone were unable to keep employment buoyant, that was evident with the financial crisis when countries began pump priming by handing out money to citizens. I didn’t actually agree with that as they can spend on foreign goods and the money flows out of the country. They were seeking quick stimulus and money flushing around to restore confidence. In reality it was probably more of a confidence measure. Anyway, poverty has been on my mind as I am seeing so much of it and I can see the market failure in capitalism and the fact, environmentally it is unable to deal with the realities. In fact when you have institutions going out of their way to create in the public mind that there is no global warming, that is the people working against themselves and their children. The industry is trying to preserve itself. Yet in reality if it is creating harm, then it should stop in the public and ecological interest. Responsible government doesn’t leave people out in the cold but finds ways to reallocate people to other work that is sustainable. As corruption has flourished, industry gained greater interests and some political interests became puppets of these organizations. We saw that in the war in Iraq with oil interests very clearly. There is deep denial in the heads of these organizations as they cant face the future on uncertainty. Always markets ask for certainty, yet nature is taking that away, for sure. So I advocate happiness, I like the idea of a human happiness index, not based on manufactured pleasure, but joy. I feel we have to return to what is natural in ourselves if we are to survive what is coming. I feel there is nothing to fear but I do think we need to go inside and find what we truly want in this life. Do we want to work non stop in careers that do not fulfill us, do we want increasingly violent neighbourhoods of haves and have nots. Do we want to live without deep inner values which provide the real security of safety and belonging. These are fundamental questions that the world will answer in the next few years.

We talked until 1am in the morning, I was surprised to note they both were very open minded about the world. Even Paula asked me about 2012 without me saying anything. This shows me there is a rising consciousness open to the reality that change is coming and prepared to work on themselves spiritually. Neither of these people are religious but they are spiritual, like myself.

The next day I was feeling better, exhausted but really ok. I decided to take Paula out clowning. I gave her some tips. As soon as we hit the streets she was out there racing up to people, helping carry their groceries or building material, she was stretching her arms out for hugs, a real natural clown. I didn’t think she would be so outgoing. I realized this is for her. I was exhausted so I took a back seat, but she so reminded me of myself when I first started embracing life openly. I do juggle but I realized it can be a bit of a barrier, I do love it though. We clowned all around her area and met older people, mums with kids, men walking past. I chatted with an American man and he admired my earth ball, so I gave it to him for his children. He was touched I didn’t ask money, I wouldn’t even think to. It was wonderful and I could see Paula was inspired. We went to her friends work, her friend is Anita. She was another beautiful person.

We stopped for coffee and Paula kept going, that is what I usually do but I just don’t have the energy. However, it was so nice watching her, blowing bubbles and interacting, chasing people. So funny. It was a real freedom for her. We had coffee and the coffee shop owner gave it to us for free as we brought joy to his customers. See how joy changes people. Then a lady gave us two biscuits each because we made her grandchild smile. I said to Paula see how love works. This is all about love.

We then headed back to her place, her partner was all smiles when he saw the glittering Paula. It was her day and her show and I was very pleased.

Her friend Anita came over and she explained to me she had taken in a lot of knowledge this day and was going to reflect. She also wants to be a clown so I encouraged them both to do it. Spread love and joy. And you know, they are going to do it.

Paula told me clowning was the second greatest moment in her life to be a clown. She had always wanted to be a clown. Her friend Anita brought round the next morning a red nose, that was definitely a sign this will continue. I was really happy. Just think of the people they will touch by starting. It is truly a wonderful experience, anyone can do it with an open heart.

This was well worth it and I realize I was meant to meet this girl. Her partner also felt touched by my visit and dedication to peace. Perhaps as we change, the world changes.

I am off to Bariloche in Patagonia a beautiful wilderness area around 1,600 km from Buenos Aires. I am looking forward to some rest. I had a wonderful time but I am battling fatigue and some illness, a cold, as my immune system is challenged by the constant moving. I feel I have impacted many lives and feel a sense of peace and love for this world. I love the industrialists, the wealthy, the poor, the good, the bad, the ugly, everyone has a place in this world, we just have to really hear each other for the greater good. The days of self interest are over, the planet can’t cope with thoughts and behaviours out of alignment with the whole. That is the reality, we just have to look in the mirror as Michael Jackson says, and make a change.

Very easy.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“My life is my message.”

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Clowning around the world for peace