The Adventures of Peacefull

24 August, Travelling to Ireland

Caught the plane to Ireland on Aer Alingus. I am interested in the Gaelic language. Heard a little bit in Scotland, am guessing it is Gaelic. I find the Celts very interesting. I caught the plane and left the green coast of England to travel across the ocean above the clouds. As the plane cruised closer to Ireland I see the beginning of land. The green lush land of Ireland and magnificent cliffs.

I was looking thinking about my connection to this place. I have both Scottish and Irish lineage, so I am interested in knowing more. I am finding myself curious about the Carew family. I landed at the airport and had to make some quick decisions about where I am going. I had nowhere to stay and overspent in UK, so I was over budget. I was unable to get couch surfing stays, so I decided to go to New Grange the sacred site first. At the airport I found out I could catch a bus to Droghern which is 60 miles north of Dublin. Apparently it left from the airport. I found out a B&B to stay for 40 euros. I traveled on the bus and sat next to a lovely Irish lady. I am tired but I have to listen hard to understand her accent. She tells me about life in Ireland, we discuss the Northern Irish and British rule and the angst between the irish. Apparently the Northern Ireland situation was a deal done by the Irish which allowed the British to take that part of Ireland. So much pain and anger and violence in that area. Such a deep connection to those in Ireland as they tried to preserve their sovereignty, but at a high price. It amazes me the British could occupy a foreign land and call it British and be able to sit with the pain that occupation caused. Yet, they did, I am curious to learn more about this, to try and understand. This lovely lady aged 74 told me about her husband and how he died 14 years before, she now lives alone. She was one of around 10 kids. She had wonderful parents, particularly her mother. They all helped each other and her bothers were very protective. She said they were a good looking family. They were poor but always had enough food to eat. I enjoyed our conversation. The bus took around 1.5 hours to get to its destination. I jumped off and headed towards the B&B lugging my suitcase and backpack. I have got a heavy load but I am carrying clown gear, so I put up with it. It started raining I pulled out my rain coat and up the hill I went, over the bridge, past the pub and saw a B&B, I decided to make this one home. I rang the other, cancelled and settled in. I was very tired and starting to feel sick I think I picked up Jo’s cold.

I went down the road and looked at this quaint village with the local Irish pub’s, I love the accent. I found a nice wine/dinner place by the river. I bought some soup, all I can afford now I am curtailing my budget. I read up on Orkney some more and New Grange and then headed back. Had a good sleep, got up did some blogging and skyping.

Went off to New Grange.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

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