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2 Nov, Life in Bariloche, Argentina

I got up around 9am as I wanted to say goodbye to my environmental friend Elena. I hadn´t slept well at all, coughed most of the night. Yet spiritually I find myself in a joyful space within as I am learning to accept the cold with love. For acceptance of life is acceptance of reality and to explore the experience happening now. I did some computer work but am unable to do anything with photo´s as my computer is broken.

I spent the day chatting with the folks here. The topic of UFO´s is very popular. I mentioned it once saying that this area apparently has UFO activity. The guy running the hostel said he had a fascination with UFO´s since childhood. His friend told us she had seen one as a child. So he was googling all UFO sightings and found one with a UFO landing on top of one of the local mountains. We then stood around him as he showed us pictures of little grey men with big eyes caught in footage. I can´t say if they are legitimate or not as technology these days can make things seem real. However, the Greys that he showed are the traditional form that is described in the UFO research. I told him to visit expolitics if he wants more information. That was the only source that seemed credible apart from military and government sources.

So for the skeptics there is more to this universe than you know. You only need look up at the sky and see a massive galaxy within which our little planet rotates. We live in a cosmos that is ordered and it is perfection. I remember looking at an eclipse and marvelling at the perfection of the moon fitting perfectly in front of the sun. That is the perfection. I also remember watching Venus transit the sun, it was perfectly spherical. So for me the notion that alien life doesn´t exist is more wild than the idea of it existing. It has to. Anyone interested in surfing the net will find there is plenty of evidence.

In the afternoon, still feeling really unwell. I went to post postcards and buy my bus ticket. I saw this guy lying on the ground near some shops. I went up to the shop owner and asked in gestures and broken Spanish if he could be helped. He just said no, something about policia and I just felt sad. I said he has a mama and papa. I noticed as I left a woman approached him, I got the feeling it was about what I wanted. I noted the people just walk past, they do this everywhere in the world. I find it hard to understand. I can only assume people feel afraid and powerless. However, if we saw everyone as family maybe we don´t walk past. I tried to explain to this guy it could be him or me. People don´t seem to make the connection. We just see them as losers somehow. To me they are not, just lost.

I organised my trip to San Martin. I will go to the country for a week. It will be lovely. Looking forward to it.

Signing off.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“God has no religion”

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