The Adventures of Peacefull

19-20 September, Costa Rica, Santa Elena

I am staying at a Backpackers and it is a relief to have it quite cheap. I spent the day sleeping as I felt quite down, I think I am feeling very tired. I have had an incredible journey and mostly have felt tired, so nothing unusual.

I did go for a walk to the supermarket and got some money out. I didn’t find any places I felt to stop and have a coffee. So I came back and rested.

I helped out the owner of the hostel with some marketing, she is out of the way and her hostel is next to her sisters so it would be competitive to get clients. I gave her what knowledge I have but I don’t think she really received, maybe not understanding or knew it. It may have been too much for her. Oh well I tried.

I went back to my room and had a look at a video. It was made in movie maker and it was from the Candian woman who had the property in Belize. It was simple but well done. It gave me an idea, I decided to make a film out of pictures of my world trip.

I spent around 9 hours working on this project, really loved it and put down a sound track to go with it, so I am pleased. It communicated the peace message I wanted to get across.

I spent an hour talking with two young women who are traveling. They have come to Costa Rica and one told me she had hitched with a friend and held up at knife point. She said it was scary and she gave the guy everything. So it was warning that life is not all rosy here. She said in Germany she doubts that would happen, but it probably does but is not as overt as here. Ultimately you travel in fear or not, I choose not, I am aware of problems that could arise, but I am not focusing there and I find if I travel in the day and on the buses I should be fine. I will evaluate as I go. I find the couchsurfing really good as you meet with locals, so I feel that is a safer way to travel.

The women were young around 20 but so wise. They had observed the people are feeling bored and powerless. She noted that young people threw stones at her and her friend, she saw their boredom. She pointed out the clear divisions of wealthy and poor, noting no middle class. This is a significant issue and she feels there will be problems, I would agree with that, resentment through missing out arising frustration and hopelessness. She wants to learn about the differences between here and her country, so she is seeing it in all its colours. She acknowledged the importance of seeing the good and the bad. It is life. And for sure she is right. I pointed out these things can happen in your home country. I really enjoyed speaking with her and her friend. I went back to my room and completed the video.

I went to sleep around 3am, was wound up from hard work. This is not all rest and recreation in reality I am working hard to record it and I feel inspired with the peace work so am always focusing.

20th September, 2010

The next day I got up and have got a message from the Quakers, I will go the school this afternoon. International Day of Peace on 21st September, will do something with the people. You may be interested to have a look at how switched on this school is. Visit I may stay a week and a half here to learn from them and exchange knowledge.

Signing off as I have to go to the school now.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”

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