The Adventures of Peacefull

15 September, El Salvador, the beach

Spent the day working on the computer which was good given my cold. Then Rosa and her sister and daughter took me to the beach. This beach is around 40 minutes out of San Salvador and is the Pacific Ocean.

We walked onto the pier and there were fisher vendors. They had large tuna’s and all sorts of fish to be sold. There were little boats lined up on the pier which have small fishing nets (not the big drift nets). They go out and fish and sell it to the locals.

Some kids came up trying to sell necklaces. I wasn’t interested in buying and just smiled at them. The little boy decided to give me a bracelet. I was very touched and gave him a hug, then my friends bought something. I said to them as you give you receive, for sure. I also told the kids if they want to sell to have more fun selling and people will want to buy.

We then went for a walk and there was a basket ball court. Rosa knew the man who was coaching the kids, a work colleague. Turns out he was helping the poorest children and Karen said she had donated shoes to these kids. She was amazed to see where the shoes went. We then asked if we could take a photo and then I decided to interview them about peace and what makes them happy. They said peace, recycling, having a job, living in harmony and many other comments. They were wonderful bright children. Their parents are involved in all sorts of criminal activities or somehow the kids are disadvantaged. The kids were so excited and you could see them shining. They were shy at first but once the ball was rolling they were keen to contribute. I told them they were very intelligent children and I was impressed by their answers, which I was. I have no doubt children can show us the way. When we stop to really hear their voices, we benefit. This is the UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and nonviolence for the children of the world, I wonder if we can make it happen for them. We have much waking up to do.

We were all so happy and then walked along. We had dinner and discussed how the kids could be further helped. I suggested they could work with children and give hope as they are such positive people. It is important to find what you love and making a difference in kids lives is fantastic. There is so much that every person can do when they look for the opportunity to talk about children and the talent they all have.

We came back from the beach feeling satisfied. It was a great day and I found a wonderful family who have become friends. This to me is world peace and I feel so fortunate to be on this journey.

Tomorrow at 3am I head off for Costa Rica, have no idea where I am staying but hopefully I will find where I am to go. Which I know I will. Sweet dreams, life is wonderful.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“My life is my message.”

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