The Adventures of Peacefull



What is dialogue?
What is civilisation?
Is dialogue civilised?
How do we civilise dialogue in-action?

Is it simply an exchange?
Is it a transaction of ideas?
A plethora of thought forms,
Or does it form from flora of natural flows?
Do words match ones thoughts?
Or do they construct an edifice or wall?
A scaffolding obscuring what is within,
That can be seen to be,
With-out a strong foundation.

The world is in dialogue,
A global network of optical cables,
The drift nets the world of schools,
Information is exchanged, sorted, transmitted,
But what is the quality of the script?
Can one decode?
What is the true intent behind mass action?
This is the critical question.

Are we trading hope for politics?
Politics is the ancient art of the mask,
Is influence power over or power within?
Is it argument that truly wins?
Thus survival of the fittest,
Who will fit the test to survive?
A battlefield of facts throwing grenades,
For we have moved one meter forward,
But in what direction?

Is it the ICE warming that changes the level?
To Inspire, Challenge and Empower,
Is porous to walls of dialogue,
For empowered thoughtful action self generates without effort,
In search of inner truth.

For to feel one self is to re-connect the dots,
The messages unspoken spring from the fountain pen of real communication,
Dialogue is window dressing,
For one is naked behind the facade,
The naked truth has no backyard in which to hide,
No career in which to take pride,
For truth challenges the hard core of power itself,
Without fear or favour,
For nonviolence is a force more power-full.

One must become clear,
The intellect is simply a processing tool,
Emotional intelligence completes the interior,
Molding form to thought,
For only shape changes,
When changes are shaped,
As a foundation stone,
For to be fully human we must communicate not talk,
For communication speaks of common good,
A colleague becomes a sister or a brother,
To see oneself related to another,
Is not revolution but evolution,
To accept differences under covers,
To open the door and walk through,
Into a new life and a new beginning,
For personal growth is the key,
And many are being seen to be,
Disengaged from the real work of change,
Which starts within you.

The lost civilization,
Is the missing link,
For self governance was valued,
And values govern behaviour,
For true intent focuses on what is valued,
Self interest becomes best interest,
And the interest rate of change,
Becomes rapid.

The constitution of values,
Is unshakeable when grounded,
It is the filter through which challenges are distilled,
For the rainbow is a kaleido-scope,
Fragmenting the light of ideas into colours,
Each colour weaves a parallel thought,
Which feels the master-peace to be authentic.

The root of truth – neural networks of intent,
Reality is believed then seen,
For we are only conscious of what we believe,
And reality is not what you see,
It is in chaos not theory,
Repeating patterns a continual vibration,
For arrhythmia is a heart attack that shocks,
A new civilization is one that unlocks,
The key takes us beyond the door,
Where the unreal becomes real.
And civilisation begins to feel
itself again.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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