The Adventures of Peacefull

10 Dec Auckland to Australia

Today is the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I like the fact that this is the day I arrive back in Australia. It is what my life and work stands for. Universal rights in peace.

I spent the morning with Marie. I had found her partner David quite concerning in his attitudes about women (less than men), black people (nigers) and gays (faggots). I had said to him the day before that inner beauty was important and he retorted with something like only lesbian feminists think that. It was extremely disrespectful. I sat down with Marie and I told her I found David the most unhelpful host of my whole trip overseas. He was the host and it was his role to actually make sure my visit was fine. Instead it was Marie who fed me and took me around. He just sat there and did nothing. He didn’t even make me food when I first arrived, just told me where the fridge was and to help myself. I hadn’t slept in 24 hours and was exhausted. He didn’t have the awareness to look after a person, I could see he was used to women looking after him. The legacy of tradition, where men believe women are to be there to serve them. I also told Marie I would not be writing a positive reference on the couch surfing website as his attitude was the total opposite of world understanding and peace which is the core values of couch surfing. He didn’t seem to be aware of how offensive he was. She also said the night before that she ignored his negative comments. I said don’t ignore them, you are giving tacit consent to behaviour that is not appropriate. He can hurt people with such devisive comments. He even said he liked violence, which was incredible given I am into peace, not even sensitive there. I found out from Marie that he was a former soldier and I think he has serious problems. Anyway, he pressed my buttons and I nearly left the house. I stayed as he showed some positive interaction and thought I must try and understand what is driving such negative attitudes. Anyway, it is part of my peace work to accept people diametrically opposed to me. We have to accept the difference, he was a big challenge as I haven’t been in close proximity to a racist and sexist person all rolled into one. Down at the boat club they are a boys club and the sexist comments were blurted out, they think what they say is fine. I was surprised as in my world there is none of that, I don’t hang around people with this type of thinking, but yes they are out there.

Marie made me a New Zealand breakfast which was a toasted sandwich and bacon (I am vegetarian but allowed it as she went to trouble). She had an egg cooked and put on top of the toasted sandwich, I had no idea that the Kiwi’s made this. Paul, my ex husband never made that for me, so it was new. I was touched by her gesture to share some of the culture. I gave her a nice pair of red spiral earrings which she loved. I wanted to thank her for her kindness to me, it was special, this was the last leg of my trip and she made it really wonderful. It was great to do some clowning although I realised I am still not well.

I packed up my stuff and she showed me her interests. I kept telling her she was so talented, and she was. I just marvel at David’s sexist attitude as he has the loveliest partner who is very truthful and up front and an incredible talent. She plays bag pipes, piano, knits toys (clowns can you believe), cooks, massages, reflexology specialist and is a nurse. She was incredible and very humble. I asked her if anyone compliments her about her talents, she said no. No-one had told her how talented she is. I had to take that in. Wow. So I took some film of her playing piano for my mum and some photos of the amazing clowns she made. She is 60 and looks around 50. Amazing woman. I really felt privileged to meet her. She is selling New Ways products which apparently are very healthy and non toxic. She is moving into the healing area. I said to her toxic thinking is also ill health. I told her about Dr. Emoto the Japanese doctor who had vials of water with words on the outside. He had people look at the words and direct their feelings some of the words were – I hate you, I love you, Mother Therese, Hitler etc. What he found when he froze the vials is that the crystaline structure changed. For words that were positive and loving the crystals were symmetrical, for the negative words the crystals were all over the place (Google Messages in Water for photos). So what the point was is that if you live with toxic people or are toxic yourself, it can affect the health of others or indeed yourself. So it is very important to create positive loving environments for health. I told Marie her partner is suffering. It is so important to talk to him and face him with this. It is actually not in his interests, he will be alienated by people. When a person is so toxic it is because they are insecure and they have self loathing, who knows what he went through in his military background. He has definite problems. He drank a lot and that is when he is nicest she tells me. I felt probably because he feels good. I really feel if you love someone you have to help them see their own suffering without projecting it onto others. World peace is self love in truth. She handled my openness with great generosity, as I didn’t like to critique him but I felt it was important to say what I felt. I also knew I have something to learn as I was not feeling happy about his comments and it distanced me from him as a person, my work is about unity not disconnection. It is challenging sometimes.

Anyway, she kindly drove me to the airport. I was excited. I went and stood in the Qantas queue. I hit the lady in front of me twice on the back of her legs with my trolley, I had the bag crosswise on the trolley and couldn’t see the front of the trolley and was miscalculating how far I was from her. I apologised but she just gave me a negative look. I laughed internally at how serious people are. I didn’t mean it. Anyway, I just smiled and waited in a space of peace. I went through customs without much hassle and got on the plane.

I sat in between two men, smiled at them. They then plugged themselves in for the whole trip. I was curious to see if they would engage in conversation but they didn’t. I looked over my shoulder and everyone was plugged into the on-board entertainment. They offer radio, TV, movies etc. so people put on head sets and entertain themselves. It is a 4 hour flight, but there is no conversation between people. I just marvel at technology. The airline think they are providing a quality service and all it does is further isolate people. So you can be on a 4 hour flight and no-one talks to you. Strange I feel. I chose to remain quiet as I like to see if people are able to step out of their fear and engage. Clearly not today.

As we got close to Australia I got excited. I saw us pass over the south eastern tip of Australia and felt a love for my own country. I looked at the other Australian’s on the plane, I do love my own people to. I was happy to be flying into Melbourne.

We disembarked and I took a few photos as I walked through to customs. I chatted with the customs guy. He asked me about South America, I said it was good although in Chile I was mostly sick. I said sometimes the bad is good and the good is bad. I am sure he didn’t get the comment. I laughed to myself when I said it, but what I meant was that even though I was sick it was good, I really love my life and I don’t care if I am unwell, I don’t believe I missed out. It was perfect as it was. Nice to come home not coughing.

So I passed through went to get my luggage. I came through the barrier and felt overjoyed. It didn’t matter that no-one was to meet me. I didn’t ask and wasn’t offered. Doesn’t mean I am not loved, it means I am to travel to the city alone which is great. I felt myself as so strong and independent. I am not needing people. If they are there great, if not great, love is unconditional.

So I caught the airport bus and just felt happy. I went to Southern Cross Station and then looked for a suburban train to take me to the loop in Melbourne. This is the city loop, so I thought maybe I will get off at Parliament station and have a coffee there then catch the Epping line and get off near my friends apartment. She is away this weekend but left me the keys. So I did just that. I looked up at Parliament the icon of democracy. I sat at a coffee shop feeling intense joy. The waiters were standing smiling at me. They said you look so colourful and happy. They wondered what is in my suitcase. I said do you really want to know? I am a clown and my clown gear is there, I’ve just travelled the world. They were very happy and intrigued.

I read the Guardian, exploring the Wiki Leaks material, catching up on news as I had a virtual blackout for 6 months. Haven’t been catching up on the net. So I am tapping back in now. Will write a blog on the leaks. I found it very interesting.

I got my bag and headed for the station. Got to my destination and wheeled my bag to my friends place. I opened the door and I started to smile and I ended up crying I couldn’t stop I was so thrilled. I felt this sense of utter success. I travelled the world alone, on not much money and I felt so great. No major problems just a wonderful learning experience. I connected with the world as my family.

I rang my mum and she was so happy I was home. She said she had been facing issue in her life. We had a childhood that was full of fighting. I have always wanted peace, I was born to be a peace maker. My mother acknowledged her own behaviour. I said to her it is not about right or wrong it is about truth. We have to face the truth of ourselves with love and make the changes for a peaceful world. She said she wanted to speak of incidents she and I had and she is looking at resolving. I felt extremely happy as it is important to heal differences and make peace. I said to her you know I am not into the drama and I am into peace. She acknowledged that. It was really wonderful to come home, to feel success and to feel my mother is also coming home with me.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I will post that up to show you what it is. It is to create peace in the world. Now we need to convince governments to walk the talk and not just give lip service to world peace. Perhaps WikiLeaks is the great teacher that has emerged. I am sure it will start something.

Have a great day.

Love, peace and universal understanding

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

“God has no religion”

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